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How to remove blackheads from ears, what are the symptoms of herpes simplex 2 - Try Out

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Blackheads not only make your skin appear dull, unclean and patchy, it is also the first stage of acne and pimples.
The ears are the neglected part of the body that doesn’t get a lot of attention like your face and body. You will have to be extremely careful while cleaning the area because nothing must enter the canals of the ears. If you have identified blackheads on your ears then there are certain steps that you must follow to remove these dark spots.

The first step to remove the blackheads in ear is to wash the affected area and your hands properly. Make sure that your hands are very clean too because you will be using them to remove the blackheads.
Applying warm compress on the affected area on the lobe will help you to open the pores and remove the skin debris. There are blackhead removing tools like spoon extractor, loop extractor or blackhead removal gun or vacuum.

Blackheads are basically clogged dead skin cells, dirt, debris, oil and impurities that might get caught in the pores on the skin.

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    Antiviral medication is effective only if given early.