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BHT is an initialism for butylated hydroxytoluene, a lab-created antioxidant that is often added to foods for use as a preservative, but it also is used as a home remedy for cold sores and herpes in general. The amazing and much beloved Oscar from Syracuse, New York has been posting on Earth Clinic about his BHT protocol for viral hepatitis since 2008. I am going to assume you are considering or using BHT for one of the viral hepatitis diseases because is mostly what I discuss.
In only 4 weeks on the BHT with water only on an empty stomach I went from being seriously sick with all the usual symptoms of a failing liver: yellow eyes, dark urine, inability to digest most foods to normal liver function and NO VIRUS DETECTED. You asked me if I knew of people who achieved as good or better results mixing BHT with coconut oil.
From the extensive research I have done it appears to me that once BHT is dissolved in coconut oil the way it is digested and metabolized differs from the way BHT is metabolized when taken with water only on an empty stomach. You have tried the BHT for 2 years now and it is NOT working for you based on what your test results are showing. It is possible the " valacylovir " and or the s-acetyl glutathione supplements are degrading the BHT treatment. If the BHT is working the way it is supposed to there would be no need for a herpes drug or that other supplement. But theoretically there is NO reason why the BHT treatment should NOT work for hepatitis C genotype 3.
The theory myself and others have discussed is that: BHT is the right size a shape to penetrate the bi-layered lipid coatings the virons are coated with. That is the reason why I suggested you stop taking those two supplements and lets see if that is what is degrading the BHT treatment for you. I haven't seen on Earth Clinic anything about BHT being fat soluble and it is not water soluble until I decided to check BHT under remedies.

So if you can strip away the different lipid coatings the different viruses can no longer infect uninfected cells.
And, very importantly: Those BHT metabolites though somewhat water soluble because of those [ O-H ] groups are still VERY lipophyllic [ lipid seekers ]. To work, to destroy those lipid coated viruses, those BHT metabolites must both readily seek out those lipid coated viruses and then still be small enough to penetrate said viral coatings. Oscar first cured himself of hepatitis using BHT and went on to help thousands of people from every country around the world suffering from hepatitis by counseling them (for free) on how to use the supplement BHT for various strains of hepatitis.
I started with only 200mg of BHT per day and quickly ramped up to 400mg to 600mg of BHT per day.
The with water only method results in altered forms of BHT interring the bloodstream from the intestines and even the mouth itself if you chew the BHT crystals.
You can try the BHT without the two compounds discussed and see if you get a dramatic improvement in two months or less. It is more complex than that because: It is the metabolites of BHT [ altered BHT molecules ] that actually enter the bloodstream as discussed in the different WHO [ World Health Organization ] toxicology reports. It has been my proposal that: Metabolized [ altered ] BHT readily combines with MANY compounds by way of peptide bonds making the combined structures TOO LARGE to penetrate those lipid coatings on those virons. It is my hope that by understanding the fairly simple concepts and principles I discuss people who are interested in the BHT treatment can best use it. The lipids that encase the different lipid coated viruses also are embedded with certain protein structures that are involved in the infection processes.
Also the natural processes involved in recognizing and destroying the RNA and DNA of said viruses take over and occur. It is also sometimes used internally (capsule form) for treatment of AIDS symptoms or the various herpes conditions.

I had such a spectacular response using this method to treat my hepatitis C infection I saw no reason for mixing BHT with any oil or anything else.
With the BHT dissolved in oil mixture it seems to me that BHT is picked up by structures called lipoproteins and distributed in that way to the different cells. Said reports state: A carboxyl group often occurs at the methyl group and hydroxyl groups occur in those two tert-butyl groups during digestion of BHT.
Also and importantly said metabolites of BHT are compelled to move about very rapidly because the metabolites of BHT discussed in the different WHO BHT toxicology reports have [ O-H ] groups occur in those tert-butyl groups. I have read about a study done in the Philippines in which coconut oil got rid of hiv virus. Now you need to start with the lower dosages of BHT and find a dosage you are comfortable with. The BHT at 350mg per day on an empty stomach lowered my liver enzymes and gratefully cured my brain fog and flue like symptoms. Another good way to take BHT is with a fat supplement like omega fatty acids, lecithin or vitamin E. It makes it so that BHT and it`s metabolites are NOT readily drawn to those viral lipid coatings and the viruses so coated in the bloodstream.

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