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Genital herpes is an extremely common sexually transmitted disease caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). A person infected with genital herpes can transmit the virus when there are no signs present. Before an infected person suffers an outbreak of herpes, they may experience prodrome (warning signs). Although there is no cure for genital herpes, you can reduce the spread of this virus with anti-viral therapy. Anyone infected with the herpes simplex virus will carry it in their body during their entire life. When one partner has a cold sore, they are usually a carrier of type 1 herpes simplex virus and can easily spread the virus to another by performing oral sex on them.

A great number of individuals lead very normal lives without suffering any serious issues from genital herpes.
The genital herpes virus will not live on any surface that is dead such as door knobs and sinks. Individuals should have only one sexual partner and should choose a partner that has not been infected with herpes.
If a person or their partner has genital herpes, latex condoms should be used, and oral sex should never be performed. These individuals should educate themselves about all aspects of the herpes simplex virus.
That is, we do not indicate that this remedy is for herpes on the label, ensuring your privacy.

Oral Herpes is usually associated with fever blisters and other types of mouth infections. Genital herpes does not adversely affect an infected person’s immune system and usually does not predispose them to other infections.

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