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Holistic therapy courses, naturally cure herpes - Try Out

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Beauty Therapy has been a bastardised term for years which seems to allow all kind of toxic applications upon the human body, even plastic surgery! Beauty therapy has been around ever since the first cave-woman, that's if it wasn't a metrosexual caveman, played with her chin-fur and gave it an aesthetic curl. But it only got publicity many tens-of-thousands of years later, when the thoroughly alluring Cleopatra, of Egyptian royalty fame, added a holistic spin to the whole beauty therapy experience by incorporating essential oils into her skin-care and hair-care routines - which went on for hours, if not days and nights at a time. Most likely it wasn't Cleopatra who initiated this natural beauty therapy regime, but she had the power to publicise and mythologise it. My definition of a natural beauty therapy is: if you can't eat it, don't stick it on your face!

This one-day beginners massage course is the ideal springboard should you wish to go on to study Swedish or Holistic full body massage. Price includes your certificate of attendance, comprehensive course notes, insurance details and tea, coffee and biscuits during the break.
Amethyst Beauty and Holistic Therapy Training - DumfriesWe train small groups and individuals in Rutherglen, Glasgow, easily accessed from the M74.
2-Day Holistic Body Massage Practitioner Diploma Course with or without A&P - Intensive, Short, Fast-Track Holistic Massage Therapy and Beauty Training Courses in Kent Covering Ashford, Canterbury, Dover, Thanet, Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Margate, Thanet.
By the end of this fun and informal day you will be able to perform a confident and effective basic massage routine on your partner, family and friends, and you will be awarded a London Therapists Certificate of Attendance.

Pure Oils, essential oils, things like avocado, honey, fruit facials, bentonite clay and rice flour cleansing and exfoliating is natural beauty therapy. 1-Day Himalayan Salt Stone and Crystal Therapy Diploma Course1-Day Japanese Hot Stone Massage Diploma Course with or without A & P1-Day Spa Hand Therapy Diploma Course1-Day Spa Foot Therapy Diploma Course1-Day Indian Head Massage Diploma Course1-Day Japanese Hand Massage Diploma Course1-Day Ayurveda (Indian) Foot Massage1-Day Ayurveda (Indian) Facial Treatments1-Day Thai Foot Massage Diploma Course1-Day Eastern Facial Massage Diploma Course1-Day Hot Stone Massage Diploma Course1-Day Holistic Massage for Beginners Certificate CourseNEW!

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