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Acid Clinical Tests on cultured human cells also show that it prevents the destruction of the p53 gene by cancer cells.
Pancreatic cancer is one of the most challenging diseases to treat since it rarely shows symptoms in its early stages.
City of Hope has one of the most experienced pancreatic cancer programs in the United States, with a multidisciplinary team that takes an integrated approach to fighting cancers of the pancreas. Pancreatic cancers are classified based on the type of cells affected: exocrine (which produce the digestive juices that go into the small intestine) or endocrine (which produce several hormones that go directly into the bloodstream). While many of these symptoms may be caused by other conditions, early pancreatic cancer detection is critical to successful treatment. Chronic pancreatitis: A disease characterized by long-term inflammation of the pancreas, this condition is linked to a higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Genetic Conditions: Inherited gene mutations that are passed from parents to children may account for as many as 10 percent of pancreatic cancer cases.
Tobacco Use: Compared to non-smokers, smokers are twice as likely to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. If you suspect that you or a loved one may have an elevated risk of pancreatic cancer, please consult with a doctor on preventive and early detection measures that are available. A timely and accurate detection of pancreatic cancer is essential to planning the best course of treatment.
Biopsy: Abnormal-looking cells are extracted from the pancreas and checked by a pathologist for cancerous signs.
Genetic testing: A genetic test of the cells extracted during biopsy can show whether the cancer is sensitive or resistant to specific treatments, so your care team can plan the most effective regimen against the disease.

To properly plan for treatment, pancreatic cancer patients are staged in accordance to how advanced the disease is. Based on these factors, patients are staged according to their risk level, with higher risk patients typically requiring more intensive treatments. More information on pancreatic cancer staging criteria is available on the National Cancer Institute’s website. Since it is usually diagnosed at a later and more advanced stage, pancreatic cancer can be a difficult disease to treat. City of Hope has one of the most renowned pancreatic cancer programs in the United States, with a multidisciplinary team of medical experts across different fields including surgery, radiation oncology, medical oncology and supportive care medicine. Surgery may also be performed to alleviate symptoms associated with pancreatic cancer, such as a gastric or biliary bypass if the tumor is blocking the flow of food or bile, respectively. The expertise of City of Hope’s surgeons also means that they can treat pancreatic cancers that are considered inoperable elsewhere. City of Hope uses a wide range of chemotherapy and targeted therapy drugs to treat localized and metastatic pancreatic cancer. There is extensive collaboration between City of Hope clinicians and researchers to develop and evaluate new pancreatic cancer therapies designed to improve survival and quality of life outcomes.
City of Hope is part of a trial to test an investigational drug called PEGPH20, which can dismantle pancreatic cancer cells’ defense against chemotherapy.
Pancreatic cancer and its treatments can be a source of burden for the patient that significantly affects his or her well-being. While our primary goal is to cure or control the disease, another top priority is relieving suffering and discomfort for pancreatic cancer patients undergoing cancer treatments.

This site includes tips, tools and online resources to help cancer patients and their families with issues that arise during cancer treatment. Rashid Buttar, author of The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away, “Ty Bollinger's book, Cancer-Step Outside the Box, is an extraordinarily thorough and courageously well written book, brought to fruition by the dedication of a son for his departed parents. With our decades of experience, specialized therapy protocols and extensive program of clinical trials, newly diagnosed or relapsed patients can find a treatment regimen that is tailored to their needs and gives them the best chance for survival. Together, they work collaboratively to plan and implement a treatment regimen that is individually tailored to the patient to enhance outcomes and quality of life.
Ultimately, this will improve treatment planning and evaluation, and it can enable the care team to intervene faster. The Biller Resource Center provides a warm and welcoming space where patients, families and caregivers can access the resources, education and support they need to strengthen and empower themselves, before, during and after treatment. In this study, patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer will receive standard chemotherapy with or without PEGPH20 to see if adding this drug will improve outcomes.
For more information or to contact the Biller Resource Center staff, please call 626-256-4673, ext.
News & World Report also named City of Hope as one of the top cancer hospitals in the country. Conventional approaches such as chemotherapy and radiation cannot be used continually because of their high toxicity and the side effects that are often more dangerous to a long life than the cancer itself.

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