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What is Holistic Care-what do we mean when we say we will care for our clients in a holistic manner. Holistic Method of care is based on the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual levels of life.
Applying the holistic method of living to your life means making a conscious effort to grow and become better on all the levels of life on a regular basis. I still needed love, care and intellectual stimulation, my faith in God is what pulled me through along with the love of my family.
When you experience the care I needed from my family you grow closer as a family, it tells you how much they love you.

Our caregivers are trained and learning about these eternal questions so it is possible to have a discussion with them. Our caregivers are trained in the art of meditation, teaching our seniors to relax and control stress. I took a holistic approach caring for dad on the holistic levels of life, appealing to his physical safety as well as his intellectual confusion and his emotional side by loving him no matter what. Dad may not of known who were but he still needed to be cared for from a holistic perspective. I don’t care how old you are, no one wants to be afraid and cooped up in one room for the rest of their life.

Most important our caregivers are trained to become socially interactive with their clients. Our caregivers are taught how to access all the various methods of learning via the internet and TV.
Our caregivers will teach our seniors how to meditate so they learn how to relax, control worrying and ease anxiety.

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