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The HIV cure that the Danish scientists are testing has already been tested successfully in lab experiments. This HIV cure that may be possible within months would be a definitive step forward in finding a cure for the virus that causes AIDS. In vitro studies (using human cells in a laboratory) proved so successful that the Danish Research Council awarded the research team 12 million Danish kroner (?1.5 million, or approximately $2,326,650) to continue pursuing their clinical trials with human subjects.
The HIV cure's human clinical trials include fifteen patients, and if they are found to be successfully cured of HIV, then it will be tested on a wider scale.
However, the Danish scientists are quick to say that the possible HIV cure that may be discovered within months is different from a preventative vaccine.
Recently, another experimental HIV vaccine was being tested, but study on the "cure" was stopped because the shots weren't preventing infection, according to the U.S.
More than 1.1 million Americans are HIV positive, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The scientists discovered a technique that releases the HIV virus from “reservoirs” it forms inside DNA.

While the treatment, if successful, will cure the virus, Sogaard said that it is not a vaccine and stressed that raising awareness of unsafe behavior is still highly important.
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I am Harry Grace from New york, USA I can’t stop thanking DR Worrior Africa for this Great thing that he has done in my life, I am so grateful to him, i was suffering from HIV virus for 11years, when i contacted DR Worrior Africa after reading the wonderful testimony that people has been sharing about him. It was reported on May 1, 2013, that Danish researchers might have an HIV cure "within months". Officers involved in Freddie Gray case set to be tried separatelyJudge Barry Williams of Maryland on Wednesday ruled that the six Baltimore police officers charged in connection with the death of Freddie Gray inside a police van will be tried separately. They are testing a brand new HIV treatment in human trials, and they are reportedly confident that their strategy will result in a cure for the AIDS-causing virus. According to the Telegraph, he process involves freeing the HIV virus from DNA cells, where it collects in "reservoirs," and bringing it to the surface of the cells.
That means people should still take the same amount of care with their sexual practices and drug use, including avoiding unprotected sex and sharing needles for intravenous drug use.

Ole Sogaard told the newspaper he believes the technique of getting the HIV virus to reactivate will be the easy part. This depends on the strength and sensitivity of individual immune systems, as well as how large a proportion of the hidden HIV is unmasked,” Sogaard said. I was tested HIV positive, I saw a blog on how Dr Okoh cured people, i did not believe but i just decided to give him a try, I contacted him and also got my healing, i am so happy. The tests proved to be so successful during in vitro studies, that the Danish Research Council funded the team with 12 million Danish kroner (about $2 million) to work on human subjects. He give me all his rules and regulations,that if he cured me that I should write about him on internet site and that is what I’m doing now.
He assure me that he will cure me with his herbal medicine which he really did, and I’m now completely cured from HIV virus.

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