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There is no cure for HSV-2 or for HSV-1, but there is treatment available for making the symptoms less painful and for reducing the healing period. The HSV-2 causes genital herpes, which is very contagious and usually spreads through sexual contact with an infected person. We strongly advise you to get help from the doctors or professional herpes support groups in time.
At our website, you will know the facts of herpes and rebuild your confidence to live a normal life, since herpes is a very common problem and is not going to kill you or cause any serious problems.

The infection can be passed on even if the infected person does not show any symptoms of infection. Genital herpes can, however, also be caused by HSV-1 when a person with cold sores indulges in oral sex. The outbreaks usually begin with a tingling or itching sensation in the genital or the anal areas. Some people experience very mild pain arising from HSV-2 infection, whereas in some there are no symptoms at all.

However, for some, it can be extremely painful, especially during the initial outbreak in the genital area.

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