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Herpes treatment acyclovir dose, naturopathy vs conventional medicine - PDF Review

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Treat Herpes Simplex With A Normal Immune System- A typical dosage for treating herpes simplex for a patient who is not immune compromised is usually an oral dose of 200 mg that is taken 5 times each day, and this regimen will be followed for 10 days. Treat Herpes Simplex With A Compromised Immune System- Acyclovir is often prescribed to treat a herpes simplex infection in patients who have an immune system that is compromised for some reason. Suppress Herpes Simplex- In many cases a daily dose is prescribed for long term use to suppress a herpes simplex viral infection.

Treat Herpes Zoster- Herpes zoster is more commonly known as shingles, and it is actually a condition that occurs when the varicella zoster virus is reactivated in the body. Treat Varicella Zoster- Acyclovir is frequently used to treat varicella zoster, more commonly known as the chickenpox. Taken in a low dose once or twice a day, it can prevent the virus from multiplying and causing problems in your body.

The usual dose for this condition is 800mg of Acyclovir every 4-5 hours, for a total of 5 doses per day for 7-10 days.

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