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The trial of a vaccine which can treat some forms of cancer caused by a common herpes virus known as the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) has been launched by Cancer Research UK's Drug Development Office (DDO) at the University of Birmingham.
SxCheck reports negative test results via digital certificate, but gives you a call if you test positive.
In fact, herpes and EBV have a lot in common: Once you have been infected with EBV, your body may periodically shed (or give off) the virus throughout your lifetime, possibly spreading the virus to others.
Arguably, herpes is more devastating than mono because it brings a social overhead other viruses don't.

Sex educators try to get people to think of STIs as a health issue rather than a moral one, figuring that if we can lift the veil of shame, we can get more people tested and aware and making informed choices about sexual activity. It's a joint project between Stanford graduate student Doug Wightman, 23, and the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation, or AIM, offering the general public an STI testing service based on one the adult industry has developed over a decade.
AIM made the mainstream press a few years ago when actor Darren James (NSFW) returned from a trip to Brazil and tested positive for HIV. The partners didn't work or have sex for 60 days until they tested negative two months in a row; no one else became infected.

You decide which STIs you want to be screened for, order your test online, go to a local blood draw station, and access your results on the website.

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