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Herpes in the urethra in men, symptoms of herpes 2 - Review

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I have been tested for Gono and Chlamydia, which were negative, there is no blood in urine tests and there is no discharge to my knowledge.
Pain about 3 or 4 on the pain scale, when it happens it feels sharp like I've been stabbed. All of this is in the head and tip of the penis, I occasionally get a twinge down the shaft towards the base but I think it's acute, then again it wasn't doing that before injury..
I had suspected Urethritis for a long while but none of the 3 doctors I've seen have diagnosed me with it and if you bring up that you were googling your symptoms, well they get antsy.

A first voided urine specimen means to collect the very first part of the urine stream for a culture. From here, I can't be sure about any possible trauma, but the nature of semen is that it is not a very good adhesive.
It might be conceivable to have a trauma induced irritation that could technically be considered a urethritis, but if so it should have cleared up by now.
I had another tell me it was Yeast Infection and gave me Nystatin ( on the 11th) and that only mildly helped and I'm guessing it's because the head and tip were coated.

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