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Genocea’s GEN-003 is not a herpes cure but rather a “Therapeutic Vaccination” for the moment. We update the blog every couple of weeks with news, events and other things that may be of interest. The good news is the study is still going on and Genocea has updated their website with some promising information.
In an effort to find a cure for herpes, Genocea has received a lot of attention with its GEN-003 vaccine and clinical trials. You will learn that herpes outbreaks can be brought on by certain foods, and you'll no longer need to go to a doctor.
But there's a program currently available which can help people eliminate their herpes and is called the Herpes Cure Guide.

Doctors do not try to find natural ways to cure things, instead they simply start writing prescriptions that are meant to help individuals cope with their condition. I am certain you are aware that there are probably a number of different sorts of programs online for curing herpes, but you never want to be misled by a product. You are able to get the "Herpes Cure Guide 72 Hour Cure" for just $39.97 and you have an entire 60 to get a refund, if you discover that it doesn't work.
One of the best things you're going to find out relating to this program would be that you will have the ability to stop your herpes outbreaks in just 72 hours. They're skeptical of home cures, and that's why they would not tell you about this cure, even if they did know about it. You will figure out how to prevent future herpes outbreaks, and regain control of your sex life.

But when you speak with your doctor regarding the condition they will usually tell you that there's absolutely no cure but drugs can help.
Physicians make cash by referring you to hospitals and writing prescriptions for drugs, not by providing natural cures.

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