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Herbs are the drugs of alternative medicine and they have been proven to work in the treatment of different medical conditions. Herbs are the mainstay of traditional medicine and also a natural method for inducing weight loss. With the new advancements in medical sciences, it is now possible to determine which of the many herbs traditionally used for losing weight works and how they work.
While herbs are generally well tolerated, they are not without their side effects especially when taken in high doses.
Generally, children as well as pregnant and breastfeeding mother should avoid herbs mostly because they are not enough evidence from safety studies to prove most herbs are safe for these groups of people.
With all these consideration taken, this article discusses the most effective herbs used for weight loss. However, since most weight gain is due to fat accumulation, the weight loss effect of dandelion is mostly seen when the weight gain is caused by water retained in the body especially due to edematous bloating. Herbal supplements of dandelion are sold in various forms including as dried leaves, dried roots, leaf juice and root tincture. The 2 ways by which garcinia promotes weight loss are by suppressing appetite and blocking the conversion of carbohydrates to fat. While this reduces the amount of fat that can increase the bulk weight of the body in the long-term, the immediate result of this blockage is that the liver is prompted to then release glycogen as a fuel source. Ginger is the rhizome of Zingiber officinale, a plant native to South Asia and now commonly grown in the Caribbean and East Africa for its culinary and medicinal uses. Speeding up metabolism is an excellent way for the body to increase its energy expenditure by burning up more of its stored fat. Guggul can contribute to weight reduction by improving the lipid profile of the body and by increasing the production of thyroid hormones. The diuresis caused by guarana can help shed some water weight but its stimulant effect can have a thermogenic benefit.
As a stimulant herb containing caffeine, guarana should not be combined with other stimulant medications or herbs or it may cause high blood pressure.
Yerba mate is the herbal extract prepared from the leaves of a tree native to Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. Yerba mate reduces body weight by suppressing appetite, by promoting diuresis and by increasing the metabolic rate. Yerba mate is a potent stimulant that should not be taken in large amounts or combined with other stimulant medications or herbs.

In addition, the fiber content of this herb fills the stomach and provides a feeling of fullness that helps suppress appetite. Therefore, guar gum may contribute to weight loss by increasing the elimination of fat before they are absorbed and by reducing the craving for filling foods filled with empty calories.
Green tea is especially known for its high levels of antioxidants including vitamins such as vitamin C and polyphenols such as epigallocatechin gallate.
A 2005 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition is one of the many studies that demonstrate the weight loss potential of green tea. Although not strictly an herb, cocoa is prepared the same way as the herbal teas discussed above.
The caffeine and theobromine in cocoa can decrease appetite, increase water loss through diuresis and increase fat shedding through their thermogenic effects, but the flavonoids in cocoa provide even greater weight loss benefits.
Our fat burning pill, Exitor, combines natural ingredients to boost energy for extended periods while stimulating thermogenic activity to burn fat. Every day, it seems like a “new miracle herb for weight loss” is available for an outrageous price. No herb will miraculously help you to lose weight, but several herbs are valuable parts of a weight loss plan. In addition to providing your body with lean protein, soy has been demonstrated to promote fat loss. Black teas, coffee and green tea are commonly thought of as ordinary beverages, but in fact they are herbal stimulants. Eleuthero is an adaptogenic herb which helps the body and mind cope with physical and mental stress. Some herbs are traditionally used to lose weight and treat diseases associated with weight in different cultures.
Therefore, you should consult your doctor before adding herbal supplements to the drugs you are already taken. Although it grows in gardens as a weed, it is also an important herb used especially for drinks including tea, wine and beer.
These hormones are known to increase the rate of metabolism, and they contribute to weight loss by reducing the fat stores of the body. The combined result of these effects is the elimination of water and stored fat, and therefore, weight loss. In that study, 690 mg of green tea extract given daily over a period of 3 months was sufficient to produce significant weight loss in a group of volunteers.

It is available in different forms including as capsule and liquid but the most popular form of the herb is the powdered tea leaves.
Dandelion leaf and centaury herb have diuretic actions which rid the body of excess fluid and promote temporary weight loss. They can help your metabolic rate stay at a higher setting for several hours after you exercise.
Finding the ones that do provide some weight loss benefits will require sieving through a lot of clinical data and user claims.
The types of drugs most likely to cross-react with weight loss herbs include blood thinners, stimulant drugs, antipsychotics, anti-diabetic drugs and anti-hypertensive medications. They improve metabolism, detoxify the body, reduce emotional eating, and provide nutrients needed for general well-being.
This article discusses nine of the most effective and safest herbs to include in your weight loss plan. They also make the herb serve as an appetite stimulant, digestive aid, immunostimulant and a cholagogue (stimulate bile secretion). Healthy digestion is essential for nutrient absorption and removal of toxins, including excess cholesterol. Yerba mate is an appetite suppressant which helps people to feel “full” for extended periods of time. Ginger, black pepper, cayenne, garlic, mustard and horseradish are example of stimulating herbs.
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