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As I faced extreme pain, despair, loneliness, and the possibility of having a limb amputated, I started making deals with God.
With the daily use of the cortisone cream for many years, I started noticing how thin the skin on my legs looked, how I bruised instantly by simply pressing on the skin and I tired easily. After reading these two articles I knew that cortisone was not the eczema remedy I was looking for, so I decided to quit using the cortisone cream 'cold turkey' and vowed never to apply it on my legs again.
I visited, The Bastyr University Natural Health Clinic in Seattle, WA., and asked to see the top Naturopathic doctor. I went on their program for a few months, and it helped a little bit, but it eventually didn't work. Then I received a recommendation to go see a top Chinese herbalist in Seattle to see if he had an eczema remedy. The eczema went away with the use of medicinal herbs, but the skin on my legs didn't look natural!
Since my skin looked so much better, my husband and I decided to take a vacation and celebrate my newly acquired state of good health. I was so angry that I had spent thousands of dollars on Chinese herbs only to experience the return of the eczema, worse than ever. After learning about the cream's toxic content, I stormed into the Chinese herbalist's clinic, shouting at him for lying to me and giving me the very drug that I was trying to stay away from.
At this point, it had been a year since I'd put myself into these different natural healing models, spending thousands of dollars and feeling worse than I'd felt a year previous, looking for a natural eczema remedy. In January of 1997, I read an article called "Astonishing Healing of Psoriasis Using the Newest Euro-import" by Morton Walker, DPM.
At this point in my life, I felt that I had tried nearly every allopathic and natural medical approach that I knew of and nothing had helped. After 2 years, I had tried nearly every allopathic and natural medical approach that I knew off and nothing had helped.
At this stage of my quest to heal, I decided to listen to my inner feelings, and they told me to 'cleanup' my diet once and for all. It's now been more than seven years since the project to cure my body of a disfiguring and painful eczema skin condition and my search for a natural eczema remedy. I know, based on my experience, that if you are looking for a natural cure for eczema and you are willing to commit for at least six months to the superfood diet program that follows, you have a very good chance of healing your body from eczema. The approach of this superfood diet program is based upon simple and logical principles which conform to the laws of nature.
The development of modern therapeutic methods has caused us to forget a little too quickly that the simplest and most important health factor of all is the food we eat! My goal in setting up this website is to empower every single one of you to have the kind of success and healing results that I experienced. The recommendations contained in this website will help you properly sustain, accelerate and heighten your health . The statements in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The mixture of water and Bath Sea salts is the foundation of many great therapeutic treatments.
Dermatologists recommend bathing in Bokek Dead Sea Salt for eczema, psoriasis, and other patients with dry skin ailments. There is no proven particular diet yet to prevent or help psoriasis, but it is advised that patients should eat food that makes them feel healthy. Herbs are one of the most successful psoriasis natural treatment as it has effectively treated various skin conditions. Focusing on strengthening and improving the human’s immune system, a nutritious and healthy diet can be a good psoriasis natural treatment. With diseases like psoriasis, it is a must to consider a person’s mental health because this can become a stepping stone to depression.

Too many times in the middle of the night, I would scream in pain and plead with God: "Please help me get over this horrible disease. As I looked at other websites offering lotions and potions and claiming to help get rid of eczema, I was sad to note that the majority of those websites are claiming a quick fix eczema remedy. Within a short period of time, the eczema spread all over my body and parts became severely infected.
I had a suspicion that not everything promoted to me by the Herbalist as natural, was natural. As a result, I started grasping at anything that seemed natural and promised healing, anything that could be a natural eczema remedy. The article was about a product called "Skin-Cap" and was full of stories of healing from psoriasis and eczema with the use of this miraculous natural product. Here I was looking for answers via the alternative medical establishment and I ended up using the very same thing that almost cost me everything, a cortisone containing product. So, I decided to rely on a modified daily program of two meals consisting of organic fruit smoothies and organic juiced vegetables and one cooked meal. I've learned a lot since then, and now I'm a total believer that there is nothing more powerful than a living foods diet to bring vitality and health back into anyone's body. As a result of the curative process that naturally follows, you are also likely to experience the regeneration of your body's natural function and form.
When I stopped looking for the eczema remedy in all the different health paradigms out there, and listened to my intuition that said "foods can and will heal me," that's when I got better for good. It’s not easy to prove this psoriasis treatment effective, but there have been many psoriasis patients who were relieved of the itch and pain psoriasis gives.
Many types of natural water therapy are administered at ayurvedic and holistic centers, health clinics, and spas worldwide.
Herbalists are very familiar with herbs as it is used to treat various diseases for centuries. Natural herbal products, vitamins, and minerals haven’t been proven to cure psoriasis alone.
Psoriasis treatments include steroid creams, occlusion, light therapy and oral medications, such as biologics.
Help me know the way to help my body heal, show me a path I can follow and know that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.
I want you to know my story and hopefully it will inspire, empower and assist you to reach an eczema free life by following the same natural remedy and holistic approach as I did. When you read my story, you will learn that I tried many of these quick fix eczema remedies and spent thousands of dollars on them.
He said that its long-term use causes "local thinning of the skin and increased susceptibility to infection and suppression of the adrenal glands" (p.146). After the examination, they prescribed zinc picolinate, selenium picolinate, vitamin A, and biotin with an external herbal cream. I walked away from his clinic with almost $300 worth of fresh herbs, in which I was supposed to soak my legs twice a day, plus make an herbal tea that was so bitter that I had to stop breathing when I drank it.
Immediately upon returning from vacation, I took the white cream the herbalist had asked me to apply on my skin to another Chinese doctor and I asked him to tell me if the cream was 100% natural. The information on the drug was written in the Chinese language and he obviously could read it, so his denial was simply a lie.
Morton Walker, is a medical journalist who has been reporting in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients for years.
I was amazed to see incredible healing results that became more and more visible each week. You need to believe in your body's healing capabilities and to respect your body enough to feed it the best foods available to you. So, let the journey begin and I sincerely hope that the information provided in this website will help you lead an eczema free life.

The therapeutic elements that are found at the Dead Sea didn’t only result in an incredible rate of patients having completely clear psoriasis, but also make the disease’s recurrences less severe.
Hydrotherapy baths in sports therapy clinics are used to help psoriasis patients recuperate from muscle and joint injuries.
Patients with cancer make use of water therapy to assist in dealing with radiation treatment. It is a good idea to buy herbal compounds from herbalists or a pharmacy since a lot of natural compounds are powerful. Burdock, yellow dock, milk thistle, sarsaparilla and mountain grape have been said to be beneficial for psoriasis.
Psoriasis-Topic Overviewwbmd_disclaimer091e9c5e800cc78fnulldateThis information is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor. So, please don't waste your time and money on any of the eczema remedy quick lotions and potions offered on the variety of eczema "help" websites.
I was scared and in so much pain that I decided to consult with alternative medical practitioners to see if they had an eczema remedy. However, while on vacation, I noticed that my skin was starting to break out and ooze fluid again. He took one look at the cream (Creamor Triamcinoloni - acetonidi acetatis et ureae), and he told me that it contained steroids. Finally, I stormed out of his clinic yelling at him for his dishonesty and unethical behavior. I was determined to find the natural eczema remedy and win the battle over my discouragement and to overcome my body's inability to repair itself. You need to believe in the "Good News" that eczema can be arrested, and often reversed by your lifestyle choices and especially your eating habits. Look into the underlying causes of eczema and how to address them with changes in your diet and lifestyle. I was shocked to learn that even though I had made a commitment to never apply cortisone on my skin again, this famous herbalist that I trusted, had betrayed my trust. The juicing combined with the whole food supplements had clearly created a most amazing eczema healing diet and experience. Many times a day we take the time to consume food to sustain and nourish our mental and physical body. I was totally disappointed and didn't know what to make of it as I thought I had completely healed.
When I first visited this Chinese herbalist, I clearly let him know that I didn't want anything to do with steroids and that I was only looking for natural eczema remedies.
To my shock, ten months later, I read another article in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients (October 1997), that warned about the use of the "Skin-Cap" product. I found assurances and support from some incredible books, such as Henry Bieler's book, Food Is Your Best Medicine, and from Sidney Baker's book, Detoxification and Healing.
I assumed that the cortisone cream was not a harmful substance, since I was applying it on my skin and not ingesting it. By the end of the tenth day, my eczema was back with a vengeance and the infected lesions were worse than before.
The article started with this notice, "The Food and Drug Administration warned psoriasis patients today to contact a doctor if they are using a treatment called "Skin-Cap" because it contains undisclosed, powerful steroids that produce serious side effects" (p.138). These two authorities helped me develop the inner belief to rely on a simple combination of juicing and whole food supplements as my natural healing program for eczema. I was unaware that the cream (a powerful steroid) was entering my body through the skin and as a result, I was slowly poisoning my liver and kidneys and overloading my detoxification system.

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