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Herbs, including valerian, passionflower, kava, gastrodia (tian ma), uncaria (gou teng), ostrea concha (mu li) and buthus martensi (quan xie), can also be helpful. Homeopathic remedies are also widely incorporated into natural treatments of seizures such as tinctures of stramonium and belladonna. Due to the overwhelming success of using natural therapies for pets with epilepsy at our Paws & Claws Animal Hospital, most do not need to rely on medications for the problem.
In places like Michigan and Nebraska, fish ponds are blooming—and making it safe for us to eat farm-raised fish again.
Parents may believe organized sports are best for kids, but free play is actually what makes kids creative, resilient and better problem-solvers. Bu Xue Xi Feng is a TCM herbal blend that can be very helpful in treating epilepsy and seizures in dogs, cats and horses. The Traditional Chinese Medicine indications for this herbal blend are dry and itching skin, no stamina, seizures, convulsions, Internal Wind due to Blood Deficiency, a pulse that is thready and weak, and a tongue that is pale and dry. At our clinic, pets often receive an Eastern exam (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in combination with the standard veterinary exam. Bu Xue Xi Feng is an herbal blend specially formulated with herbs specifically chosen to work synergistically to relieve the symptoms of epilepsy, seizures an convulsions while at the same time addressing the underlying causes of these symptoms.
This veterinary herbal formula is based on the ancient Chinese formula Si Wu Tang found in the text Tai Ping Hui Min He Ji Ju Fang (Imperial Grace Formulary of the Tai Ping Era) written in 1080 by Chen Shi-Wen et al.
Our clients have seen wonderful improvements in the health conditions of their pets using herbal blends to take care of a variety of health issues.
Natchez Trace Veterinary Services offers a full range of veterinary services from cutting-edge Western medical treatments combined with alternative treatments, herbal formulas, and holistic options that many pet owners cannot find anywhere else. Becki utilizes her natural health and herbal experience, skills, and knowledge to help pet owners understand all of the holistic, alternative, herbal, and standard options options available and achieve and maintain optimum health for their pets. Specials & UpdatesSubscribe today for your chance to win Pet-Tao treats, and video and blog updates! There are quite a few causes of seizures in dogs, from poisoning to brain tumors, and it is important to get a proper diagnosis to find out and treat the underlying cause.
If your dog is being treated for seizures, and you want to use some natural canine seizure remedies to complement the treatment, this page is for you! In particular, dogs suffering from idiopathic epilepsy (seizures with no known cause) may benefit from a diet that is gluten-, dairy-, soy-, and corn-free. If you are unable to feed your dog a homemade diet, pay attention and read the dog food and dog treat labels carefully to make sure that food items that may be problematic to epileptic dogs are not in the foods or treats. Vitamins B1 and B6: Vitamin B1 is essential for helping brain function, and B6 is also important for the nerves.
Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, which can help dogs with issues such as epilepsy.

Amino acids: The amino acids L-taurine and L-tyrosine can increase the resistance to seizures.
Skullcap: Skullcap is a nervine and is effective in moderating overactive synaptic activities in those parts of the brain where seizure episodes are triggered. Passion flower: Passion flower is an herb that is frequently being used to soothe the nerves and support the nervous system. Other herbs that have a calming effect and are beneficial to the nervous system include St.-John's Wort, Oat, and Chamomile.
This natural herbal formula contains useful ingredients (such as valerian, St.-John's wort, and chamomile) that are effective for treating canine seizures and epilepsy. Flower essences work very well on dogs and cats at an emotional level as these remedies were developed to deal with emotional disturbances.
On the other hand, acupressure can be given to dogs by their owners during an epileptic attack, which can help stop the fit. Ocular Compression (OC): This is another treatment that I came across while researching the topic of canine seizure remedies. Simply put, this OC technique is just to apply pressure on one or both eyes, while the dog is having a seizure, or just before the fit comes on. Consider giving the herb milk thistle to your dog if he is on phenobarbital to help support the dog's liver.
This also applies to medicine where drugs and other invasive treatments are the first line of defense. My plan here is to share with you why I believe that collar injuries make dogs sick and what the alternatives are.
Laryngeal paralysis can be one of the most distressing conditions for the affected dog and his or her guardian. It feels very surreal to have been writing this for you in the middle of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania where my two sisters and I took our 80 year old mother to experience one of the most amazing places on this planet. Most people would agree that living with dogs has only one flaw and that is that their lives are too short and it is so hard to get over losing them. If you have a dog with demodicosis or if you want to learn how to treat or prevent this complex and very common skin problem in dogs this article is for you.
Research confirms that most dogs that do not receive full spectrum minerals and vitamins are depleted in essential nutrients. This blog explains all you need to know about flatulence in dogs and what to do about it without the use of dugs and chemicals. Many dogs lick their paws and many of them are misdiagnosed and treated for the wrong problem. In every case, the animal should be examined at least two to four times a year for possible complications from the drug, starting with a blood profile and urinalysis.

Patients have experienced good results with phosphatidylcholine, which works to stabilize brain cell membranes, and so reduce and prevent seizures, while also providing detoxification support for the liver.
Because they can be powerful natural medicines that could interact with each other and with prescription medicines, use them only under veterinary supervision. A twice-daily homeopathic detoxification treatment for pets experiencing seizures from any cause, using berberis, nux vomica and lymphomyosot, is recommended, as well. Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy is very different than our standard Western medical philosophy. She is training to become a Certified Master Herbalist, has a BS in Natural Health, is a member of the Nashville Medical Reserve Corps and an Academy of Integrated Health & Medicine Certified Practitioner.
This article is designed to bring simplicity and clarity to natural treatment for epilepsy in dogs and to provide you with safe and effective practical suggestions to natural treatment of epilepsy in dogs. While diagnosis can be extremely helpful in establishing prognosis, often no one can say for sure what the true cause of a seizure is. My plan today is to share with you a few thoughts on how dogs can help us solve environmental issues and health care.
For many dogs, conventional treatments do not work unless they are used over and over again and the side-effects of drugs and steroid medication can be severe. The traditional veterinarian’s prescription for phenobarbital was helping to control the seizures, but the owner questioned the long-term consequences of feeding her pet the drug for the rest of its life. Most never have another seizure, as long as they stay on the natural therapy protocol prescribed. Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on balance and finding the cause of the problem rather than simply masking symptoms with prescription medicines.
Becki also teaches Reiki and Herbology continuing education classes in Nashville and surrounding areas. Just read on and learn how you can help your dog without drugs, chemicals, do it for less and without side-effects.
Through Eastern examination techniques, we can choose herbal blends that will both treat symptoms and at the same time correct the imbalances in your pet’s body that are causing the symptoms. I thought the same until dogs, who are my patients, taught me a little more about this delicious, beautifully colored vegetable.

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