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Herbal medicine courses in ireland, alternative herbal medicine for high cholesterol - How to DIY

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Enhance your practice with Post Graduate professionally accredited training course in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.
In order to address the changes in prescribing herbal formulas under the European Herbal Directive we have structured a post graduate training programme for acupuncturists to address the requirements of the Herbal Directive. Students will be taught properties, indications, contra indications, clinical use of each individual herbs and their place within classical formula.
Additionally students study herbal and product safety, toxicity, national regulation, ethical practice and participate in herbal clinics. The Acupuncture Foundation Ireland Herbal course is accredited by ACHI (Association of Chinese Herbalists) in Ireland. Successful completion of level 1 leads to a 2nd year and completion of the EHTPA herbal curriculum.
All our lecturers are experienced lecturers and practitioners of TCM and Chinese Herbal Medicine. You can find out more about Acupuncture Foundation Herbal training in the short "Introduction to Chinese Herbal Medicine" video below by one of our longstanding lecturers, Professor Huide Jin. The Chinese Herbal Medicine course in now enrolling for Autumn 2015 intake, to apply for our herbal medicine course in Ireland please complete our Online Application Form or if you have a query please send us your question. All information contained on this website, as well as all course descriptions and materials, are the property of The Acupuncture Foundation, and are subject to copyright.Any unauthorised use is prohibited. The Certificate and Diploma courses are modular, part-time and flexible in nature, designed to meet the needs of busy practitioners and to minimise disruption to their private medical practices.

These post-graduate degree programmes are run jointly with Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (GUCM).
The training programmes for both the Certificate and Diploma courses are based on Qigong Master Professor Xia's many years of experience of Qigong practice and his systematic development of Qian Tai Qi Gong (Science of Potential State Qigong).
Other than the Degree programmes, the main study option in Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) is the Diploma in CHM which is run in the same way as the similar level programme in MQG.
At the end of the 2 year part time Diploma in CHM students are qualified to dispense a wide range of Chinese Herbal Prescriptions in Sheng Yao (Raw Herb) formulation (as a decoction) as well as in tincture or powder formulations and are qualified to tailor-make the prescription to fit the client. For more information about the Diploma and CPD in Chinese Herbal Medicine contact the College. Several postgraduate study options are offered to ICTCM graduates and other suitably qualified practitioners, to enable practitioners to continually update their skills and knowledge of Chinese Medicine.
Chinese Herbal Medicine(CHM)is one of the specialisms available on the postgraduate degree programmes run in collaboration with Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. The postgraduate Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine - Dip.CHM is a part-time programme, run at our college in Dublin, which provides theoretical, practical and clinical training in CHM which is normally run over two calendar years. To receive a full Dip.CHM prospectus pack when the dates for the next Diploma course have been set please register your interest in this course.
Graduates who have completed the Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicines, and passed the required assessments and examinations, are entitled to use the designatory letters Dip.CHM.
Longer courses in China can be organised by us, subject to demand, and such approved courses would provide the basis for insurance cover for PRTCM members.

This herbal training is available to all Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine senior students and graduates to complement their knowledge of acupuncture. Following successful completion of level 1 students achieve Postgraduate Certificate in Chinese Herbalism and Diploma in Medical Herbalism following completion of level 2. The herbal medicine lectures consists of Practical studies, Clinics, eLearning and online module support. ACHI is an associate member of the EHTPA (European Herbal Traditional Practitioners Association). Dublin is well served with international flights and most of the courses are designed so that overseas postgraduate students (or those in distant parts of Ireland) should be able to fly into Dublin on a Friday morning and fly out again on a Sunday evening. The Herbal course is accredited by TCMAB (Traditional Chinese Medicine Accreditation Board) in United Kingdom and by NIATCM (Northern Ireland Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine) in Northern Ireland.
Students who enrol for the Cert.MQG and successfully complete it may, at that stage, choose to enrol for the second year, to complete the Diploma course.

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