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Healing touch classes, how to become a doctor of natural medicine - PDF Review

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This class increases the breadth and depth of study of Healing Touch, allowing the participant to gain specific skills necessary for more advanced practice.
This first class toward certification as a Healing Touch Practitioner is a profound weekend of learning and healing. Emphasis is on deepening skills, developing healing sequences for specific needs, learning back and neck techniques, and gaining skills in therapeutic interactions.

This course includes: development of Higher Sense Perception (HSP), sequencing of healing techniques, working with guidance, self-healing and self-development. Lauri gracefully communicates her love for this work and effectively assists students in sensitizing to the energies, becoming a clear channel for healing, building a self-care toolkit, and experiencing the joy of learning and practicing Healing Touch. I highly recommend placing yourself in Lauri's knowledgable and healing presence whenever you have the chance!

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