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Genital herpes in.men, herpes simplex virus treatment - Reviews

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The typical presentation of Herpes in men can be seen in the form of blisters or bumps in the genital area or in the anus. Herpes in men can also be seen in the form of sores on the scrotum, in the thighs and in the anal area. A major factor that can increase the risk of genital herpes in men involves promiscuous sexual acts. Infection with HSV-1 typically causes cold sores, whereas infection with HSV-2 leads to lesions and rashes on the genital area.

We strongly advise you to get help from the doctors or professional herpes support groups in time. At our website, you will know the facts of herpes and rebuild your confidence to live a normal life, since herpes is a very common problem and is not going to kill you or cause any serious problems. The skin on the genitals becomes reddened and irritated before the blisters begin to appear.
Male babies can contract the infection through their mothers at birth, if the mother is infected with genital herpes.

After the sores heal, there are usually no other symptoms till the next outbreak of herpes lesions.

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