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Free natural cancer cures, testimonies of l lysine for genital herpes - Reviews

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Experiments conducted at an underground laboratory at Vanderbilt University could prove vital in the fight against cancer. 559,650 people died of cancer in 2007, and that is consistent with the annual mortality rate year after year in the U.S. Another theory suggests that the widespread use of antibiotics, particularly in the UK and US, kills all bacteria – including the stuff needed to fight disease, cancer and yeast fungus. This terrible combination of blocked immune response and parasitic overgrowth of the yeast fungus enables cancer cells to grow rapidly.
In an extensive review of what causes cancer, in his book CANCER, Cause, Cure and Cover Up, Ronald Gdanski examines the many similarities between the growth patterns of cancer cells and parasitic yeast.
That one way ride creates a chronic fungal infection that leaves the individual vulnerable to the cancer effect described above.
When you probe cancer cells within the human body, they appear white in color and uneven in texture just like yeast. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, please talk to your doctor to see if natural antifungal treatments will interfere with your medical treatment. It does such a good job that it can be described as putting some in nearly perfect, pain free health.

The SHADLAA D’NARAM OPR System combines no less than Ten (10) Natural Health and Natural Anti-Disease Therapies. You will recognize the Reverse Aging and Major Health Benefits long before the Anti-Aging aspects of this Personal Natural Health Program.
It combines (3) Anti-Disease Protocols or Therapies that have been used for thousands of years for natural healing, since the days of Egypt and before. In 1997, when I started this journey on the Quest for Natural Cures and Remedies, it actually only took about (6) months to settle on this protocol.
They have all been used for 10,000 years or more, and are considered Ancient Cures and Remedies.
These products and or information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Using a Candida treatment program as an adjunct to other treatments may be the fastest way to a cancer free future! Johannes Fibiger of Denmark proved the connection between cancer and fungal growths when he fed parasitic larvae–carrying cockroaches to healthy rats. As proof of this theory, in 2001 Helicobacter pylori (a form of bacteria) was found to cause stomach cancer.

Tullio Simoncini, points out that at the most basic level cancer and yeast fungus have very similar (if not identical) characteristics.
If that is true, then simply cutting away the cancerous growth and treating with chemotherapy and radiation is NOT ENOUGH.
But comparing this Natural Protocol to your average Natural Anti-Cancer Protocol, is like comparing a 1967 VW Beetle to a Mercedes. And it had sustained me for the next (14) years, until it was rolled into the Shad-laa D’Naram OPR Natural Diet System. Nothing on Earth does the job this natural mineral does, and it is absolutely Vital for Human Life!

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