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Feline herpes in eye treatment, how to treat oral herpes on lips - Test Out

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Feline herpes virus is one of the more common causes of upper respiratory symptoms in cats of all ages. In my experience and opinion, I have not found the vaccination for feline herpes viral infection helpful in preventing disease. Hi doctor it’s me Jim again ,about my cat Murphy am considering using DMG liquid on him for his watery left eye he was diagnosed with feline herpes . However, because of the viral nature of this disease, topical antiviral eye drops such as Idoxuridine drops are often indicated, as well as oral viral immune stimulants such as Vetri-DMG liquid and Transfer Factor, which I have found helpful in many cases.

Symptoms of feline herpes virus include varying degrees of eye discharge, sneezing and coughing.
While most cats will overcome this infection on their own with supportive care, other cats may remain chronic carriers for life, and may be at risk for relapsing or persistent infections of the eyes or airways, particularly under periods of immune or emotional stress. I was told she was not tested for herpes and I’m currently having problems with her eyes.
In severe cases, inflammation of the cornea may occur with sometimes severe ulceration of the cornea with eye spasms and pain being very prominent.

In many cases, other viruses including feline leukemia or feline immunodeficiency virus may also occur at the same time, as well as the common development of secondary bacterial infections.

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