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Energy work healing classes, complementary alternative medicine degrees - Within Minutes

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Energy healing classes are available to those who want to learn Psycho-Enalytic spirit development techniques for accelerated psychospiritual growth. Please contact Slobodan for find out more about the six months program that could introduce you to energy work make you into a novice energy healer. Classes at The Spirit of Healing cater to all levels of experience from professional healers, to volunteers, to people who are simply interested in learning for self care and life enrichment. Therapeutic Energetic Reconnection (TER)® is a unique form of energy therapy where healing energy is channeled through the healer to the person receiving the services, reconnecting the body’s energy and making adjustments automatically wherever energetic re-alignment is needed. Though it varies from person to person, when the practitioner lays hands with the TER energy, the body often responds with unique and deliberate movements as the energy does its work and removes blockages, opens chakras and reconnects and realigns the person’s energy.
TER is recognized by ABMP, Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, a leader in the field of providing liability insurance to practitioners of complimentary and alternative healing therapies. Level 2 Reiki includes attunement with 3 sacred symbols for deepening practice and gaining a greater connection to healing energy. Distance Symbol – used for distance healings, this symbol enables one to send Reiki to anywhere in the world.

The Free Spirit School of Integrated Energy Healing (FSS) offers the combined forces of Diane Bloom and Rose Koremenos who, together, bring over 40 years of expertise in the field of healing practices, personal development, and emotional freedom. We offer classes based in holistic healing arts and practices, bioenergetics, psychology, and quantum physics. Learn the fine art of healing with crystals and stones in this comprehensive, entertaining and fun class. The Free Spirit School Newsletter is full of useful information about the school, classes, and events. The courses will focus on topics for those with an energy work practice, students who are planning on starting a business or those wishing to manifest practice changes. Chakra Yoga - a series of postures that focus on harmonizing the 7 main energy centers of the body.
Yoga in Nature - born from my love of nature and background in biology this class is designed to explore the integration of yoga and the natural world. To set up a class call 216-224-7147 or email Beth or join me at one of the fine yoga studios below!

Pictures below depict our comfortable, spacious classroom with windows overlooking the beautiful Franconia Golf Course.
FSS offers a unique and highly effective approach for both healing practitioners and those seeking personal change. The energy centers correspond to body parts, elements, sounds, colors and various aspects of life. For instance when we work the hips we focus on the 2nd chakra and pay attention to issues of family, fertility, growth, the element of water and flow. Asana (physical postures), breathwork (pranayama), chakra meditation (focusing on balancing the energy centers of the body), and kirtan (singing yoga) have helped me gain greater clarity on where the "dis-ease" comes from and how to shift it. This class consists of 3 full and exciting days of hands on experience of learning and using the ThetaHealing technique.

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