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Energy healing training programs, genital herpes in mouth treatment - Within Minutes

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Course creator Michael D’Alton has designed the ultimate training programs in energy healing to assist you in mastering your mind, body and spirit connection.
We understand that everyone learns differently some learn in an auditory others in a visual or kinesthetic way, which is why we incorporate accelerated learning skills into our programs. All payments for training in Canada are transferable or refundable less a $50 administration fee.
Jill Leigh presents the material, and you can bring questions, curiosities and your thoughts about energy, the Chakras and Aura.

She brings her unique blend of expertise and humor, and her passion for energy and conscious awareness to participants who are curious about energy and its effects on their experience.
Learn about the Chakras and the Aura, clearing and healing practices for self-care, energy hygiene and the tools and resources to Be Your Own Healer.
This Program focuses on grounding practitioners in work with the Chakras and Aura, self-care and clearing practices.
In addition, there are two additional Online courses that the practitioner will complete focused on specific energetic implications that occur in therapeutic and clinical practice.

This Program is designed to open the practitioner’s awareness to the vital role of consciousness, intention, Cosmic awareness in healing [or spirituality, however you want to define that amazing, life-affirming presence of that which is larger than all of us]. Lastly, Jill offers Private Consultations – one-on-one remote healing sessions, Clairvoyant energy reading and feedback, and skills to evolve your awareness and experience of your energy – and most importantly, your life!

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