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Encyclopedia of medicines, are herbalife products safe - For Begninners

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Kitab Al-Ma'a (The Book of Water) appears to be a strange title for the first known Encyclopedia of Medicine arranged according to the alphabet. In this encyclopedia, Ibn Al-Thahabi not only listed the names but added numerous original ideas about the function of human organs. Should be Taught: Numerous Muslim chemists produced medicinal-grade alcohol through distillation as early as the 10th century and manufactured on a large scale the first distillation devices for use in chemistry. What is Taught: The first pharmacopeia (Book of Medicines) was published by a German scholar in 1542. Johann Weger was among thousands of European physicians during the 15th through 17th centuries who were taught the medicine of ar-Razi and Ibn Sina.

The medical wealth of the Muslim physicians available in the form of practices, encyclopedias and scripts enlightened Europe for five centuries. Under each letter of the alphabet, there are names of an illness, a medicine, a physiological process or a treatment. According to World Book Encyclopedia, the science of Pharmacology was begun in the 1900's as an off-shoot of chemistry due to the analysis of crude plant materials. The main thesis of his medication is that cure must start from controlled food and exercise and if it persists, then use specific individual medicines, if it still persists, then use medical compounds. Chemists, after isolating the active ingredients from plants, realized their medicinal value.

Included in az-Zahrawi's legacy are dozens of books including his most famous work, a 30 volume treatise on medicine and surgery.
His books contain sections on preventive medicine, nutrition, cosmetics, drug therapy, surgical technique, anesthesia, pre and post-operative care, as well as drawings of some 200 surgical devices, many of which he invented.

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