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Definition of traditional chinese medicine, alternative medicine staple - PDF Review

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The physiology of traditional Chinese medicine has many similarities to that of Western medicine.
The Nei Ching Su Wen contains a vast array of medical knowledge, much of which has been hidden from the West by the Chinese language, and it was not until this text was translated that the information became freely available. Although many organs have the same functions as in Western medicine there are also radical differences between the Western and Chinese systems. For these specific 'paired' organs the linked functions are exactly the same as in Western medicine.
Traditional Chinese medicine considers that the emotions are governed by individual organs. In acupuncture, the Chinese have a method of effectively treating a proportion of mental disease, which therefore has not been considered incurable, and there has been no necessity to shut all sufferers away in institutions.
Qi is a very wide concept, difficult to understand in detail, but it is an essential part of the traditional Chinese picture of the body. Chinese herbology - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Chinese herbology is the theory of chinese herbal therapy, which accounts for the majority of treatments in chinese medicine (tcm). Tcm treatment - pure traditional chinese medicine, Describes a hospital in hunan province, china, and offers background information on the use and practice of traditional medicine..
Traditional chinese medicine - alternative healing - Explains how traditional chinese medicine works. Acupuncture is evidence-based complimentary alternative medicine with a five thousand year history of development. As Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) integrates into western healthcare, California Licensed Acupuncturists are trained to understand your western medical diagnosis while evaluating your health using Chinese diagnostics. Acupuncture is just one modality within the broader heading of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It states that the kidneys dominate bone, that they play an integral part in the process of growth and reproduction (in fact the Chinese character for kidney and testicle is sometimes indistinguishable) and that the kidneys control body fluid in concert with the lungs.
Many of the observations and rules within the Nei Ching Su Wen are based on the intricate and detailed observations made by the Chinese physicians. In traditional Chinese medicine the major functions of the body are built around the five main organs which are the heart, the lungs, the kidneys, the liver and the spleen. Blood also exists in the system of traditional Chines medicine, and blood production is said to be dependent on the liver, the kidney and the bone marrow. In Chinese medicine the agents that cause disease are given the name of meteorological conditions; an infection (often associated with a fever) is called a disease of heat, and a chronically painful joint is usually a disease of cold. Reputable writer on Chinese Medicine, Giovanni Maciocia states the character for Qi indicates that is something which is, at the same time material and immaterial (The Foundations of Chinese Medicine, page 35). As the photos indicate, I look surprisingly energized and absolutely love this portion of the medicine.
In Western medicine these organs are important, but not to the same extent as in traditional Chinese medicine.
The area of mental disease is particularly interesting as I am sure that there is as much mental disease in China, if not more, than in the United Kingdom, but it would seem that the cultural and medical heritage of the Chinese people has allowed them to deal with it in a different manner from that in the West, and possibly more effectively. The Chinese call them the five Zang or five solid organs, and the system of the five Zang organs controls the main Yin Yang balance of the body.
Traditional Chinese medicine considers migraine headaches to be a disease of the liver and they can be effectively treated (with acupuncture) by using points on the gall bladder channel. The concept that emotional functions are completely tied in with physical ones is deeply rooted in Chinese culture.
The idea of a 'vital force' is common to many early, medical systems, but it has been highly developed within the concept of traditional Chinese medicine.

Or, in conjunction with your western medical protocol, Chinese herbs offer support that might mitigate the side effects of the western pharmaceutical approach and improve energy level and quality of life. Early Chinese mystics perceived a systematic organization of qi in the body, just as we perceive on a physical tangible plane, the organization of cells, tissues and organs. I took Chinese herbs to get through school, to balance the stress of commuting three and a half hours each way, and raising a family of four young children. When I first wanted to study acupuncture back in the eighties, people told me that I would have to study Chinese herbology and that portion of the program would be incredibly difficult. The idea that blood circulated in this way was peculiar to Chinese medicine until it was 'rediscovered' by William Harvey in the early seventeenth century. In my experience, having worked in a Chinese hospital, the Chinese are just as prone to neurosis as we are in the West. The publication of Harvey's work Du Mote Cordis has subsequently been hailed as one of the great landmarks of Western medicine, although at the time Harvey was thought to be mad, 'inflaming the medical profession by the suggestion of such a preposterous idea'. Mehmet Oz on the Oprah Winfrey show, February 12, 2007, regarded acupuncture as being in the forefront of a new wave of energy medicine. We studied 365 single Chinese herbs and 65 formulas for the California State Licensing Exam, but there are many more, and many variations and combinations based on your unique condition. Nonetheless, the concept of qi at the essence of Chinese medicine, while escaping linear definition, is becoming a perceptibly understandable concept.
Herbs are available in pill form, in granular form to be mixed with warm water, and as medicinal teas—strong tasting, but very effective.

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