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Define alternative medicine, all herpes symptoms but no sores - How to DIY

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Alternative medicine is any form of healing that is outside the purview of conventional medicine. Some of the better known disciplines in alternative medicine are homeopathy, ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, yoga, acupuncture and meditation. Many practitioners of conventional medicine use conventional medicine and some form of alternative medicine simultaneously. Many forms of alternative medicine like ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, pre-date modern conventional medicine by several thousand years. Even if the result is from a placebo effect, there is no escaping the fact that in the last few decades there has been a marked shift towards complementary and alternative medicine therapies.
The drive for opening up medicine to dialogue with Complementary and Alternative Medicine stems in part from the fact that an increasing percentage of the population is consulting complementary medicine practitioners. In the 1990s physicians in the United States became increasingly interested in integrating alternative approaches into their medical practice, as shown by a 1995 survey in which 80% of family practice physicians expressed an interest in receiving training in acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and massage therapy.

Modern, evidence based medicine should always take precedence over Complementary and alternative therapies for the saving and preservation of life. Complementary and alternative therapies may be of assistance in improving health and the quality of life in many people, particularly those who have not had success with conventional medical approaches.
For example, in the treatment of leukemia, chemotherapy and radiation, is often combined with techniques of holistic medicine. However, there is a certain amount of skepticism attached to them and other complementary and alternative medicine therapies because most of the techniques used cannot be proven scientifically. It would appear that this move stems from changing beliefs and dissatisfaction with conventional medicinal practice. In fact, many of the popular healing practices being followed today belong to the alternative medicine category.
The reason is that alternative and complementary therapies have been found to be especially effective in treating nausea, stress, pain and other symptoms of leukemia and side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation.

In fact, it is often believed that the cures attributed to complementary and alternative medicine therapies are often the result of a placebo effect. They take the view that it’s important to go beyond the specific complaint and draw upon a combination of conventional and alternative approaches to help create a state of health that is more than the absence of disease or symptoms. The Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine was founded in 1999 and by 2013 included 56 members, such as Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine, Georgetown University School of Medicine, and Mayo Clinic. The goal of the Consortium is to advance the practice of integrative medicine by bringing together medical colleges that include integrative medicine in their medical education.

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