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The story leads viewers to believe something truly novel is happening, but the claim that cancer cases and deaths can be dramatically reduced by applying existing knowledge is a statement that is almost a cliche in the cancer world. The story about MD Anderson Cancer Center does not make clear what makes this time any different. Astonishingly enough, Gupta never mentioned that funding anti-smoking campaigns at the level recommended by the CDC would save many times more lives, while also preventing much of the heart disease, emphysema, bladder cancer and other tobacco-related maladies that lung cancer screening can do nothing about.
Viewers who have extensive knowledge of cancer prevention and treatment can discern what I think is the intended message of this story: that boosting public health programs, addressing health behaviors, dealing with social and environmental factors and then also improving the performance of the US health care system could help dramatically delay the age at which cancer is likely to strike. It is bothersome that a physician journalist is willing to knowingly over-hype a story to make it big news so that his story gets more prominence and attention. It occurs to me that, just as assiduous application of current scientific knowledge will contribute significantly to cancer treatment and survival, so would assiduous application of the current state of the art of science journalism (as practiced by Healthnewsreview and others) contribute significantly to reducing the hype and foggy reporting that continues to assault audiences eager for hope in the fight against cancer. Cancer sufferers could be cured with injections of immune cells from other people within two years, scientists say. Dr Cui, whose work is highlighted in this week’s New Scientist magazine, has previously shown cells from mice found to be immune to cancer can be used to cure ordinary mice with tumours. MILLIONS of cancer ¬≠sufferers have been given fresh hope of a cure after ground-breaking research.
If there is one thing that I would like you to take away from this article and the full length version of the documentary about Doctor BURZYNSKI it would be this; CANCER is BIG BUSINESS. Eric spent months traveling the United States interviewing various cancer survivors who were treated by Dr. From 1970 to 1977, while a researcher and Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, his research was sponsored and partially funded by the National Cancer Institute. Antineoplastons are responsible for curing some of the most incurable forms of terminal cancer. I know people would love to believe that there is a miracle cure for cancer and that it’s been developed by some lone genius in isolation from the medical establishment, but as far as anyone can tell there is no such treatment, and virtually no significant medical advances are made in isolation from the medical establishment because the medical establishment has, to be blunt, all the good medical scientists and pretty much all the good doctors.
Be assured that there was no development on Friday that will change the outlook for a cure.

We can reduce exposure to the things that increase cancer risk, and do a better job of managing the cancers that are increasingly likely as our bodies age. The work raises the prospect of using cancer-killing immune system cells called granulocytes from donors to significantly boost a cancer patient’s ability to fight their disease, and potentially cure them.
The documentary revealed some of what I have already known and had written about in past articles for our publication, but Bursynski’s story really spelled it out in real time. At Baylor, he authored and co-authored 16 publications, including 5 concerning his research on peptides and their effect on human cancer. Antineoplastons by themselves work on nearly 100 cancer-causing genes, while traditional gene targeted oncology agents like Avastin, are only proven to target a single gene. Several times it reported that most of the hoped-for improvements would come from applying existing knowledge about preventing cancer, but then the specific examples highlighted, and the video used, implied a different story of promise from new approaches. Researchers have never located a cancerous tumour on one of them.Millions of cancer sufferers are given fresh hope for a cure [picposedby model GETTY]The team tested the underground rodents and regular mice and rats with two potent carcinogens. Macmillan Cancer Support predicts the number who will get cancer during their lifetime will rise to nearly half the UK population by 2020. During the same year he identified naturally occurring peptides in the human body which he concluded control cancer growth. Far form suppressing him, the FDA has permitted him to register 61 clinical trials since the registration of trials became mandatory in the mid 1990s. Not one single person has provably been cured by this treatment, and as one prospective patient found out many of the testimonials turn out to be dead, untraceable or suffering progression entirely consistent with normal treatment.
Actually, the biggest study of CT scans indicates you would have to test more than 300 heavy smokers to prevent just a single lung cancer death. Everyone in cancer research is trying to cure cancer, prevent it, or ameliorate the lives of those who have it. Other studies forecast global cancer rates will increase to 16 million new cases by the same year.
The fact is, Cancer is a multi- trillion dollar industry, and if you cure cancer…big pharma dries up.

When the immune cells were mixed with cervical cancer cells, those from different individuals demonstrated vastly varying abilities to fight the cancer.
Those of the strongest participants killed close to 97 per cent of the cancer cells in 24 hours, while those of the weakest killed only two per cent. The abilities of the cells of participants aged over 50 were lower than average, and those of cancer patients even lower.
Dr Cui noticed that the strength of a person’s immune system to combat cancer can also vary according to how stressed they are and the time of year. Initial experiments suggest it may be possible to transfer granulocytes which have demonstrated strong cancer-fighting powers into cancer sufferers. In 1999 Prof Cui and colleagues discovered a male mouse that appeared to be completely resistant to virulent cancer cells of several different types. Since then more than 2000 mice in 15 generations have been bred from the original cancer-free mouse and 40 per cent of the offspring have inherited the immunity.
Scientists developing cancer vaccines have generally attempted to stimulate responses in the immune system cells that require prior exposure.
Last year Dr Cui caused shockwaves in the cancer research community when he identified granulocytes as the cells responsible for the mouse cancer immunity – because they are among those which act automatically. Even more excitingly he found the transfusions caused existing cancers to go into remission and to clear them completely within weeks. A single dose of the cells appeared to give many of the mice resistance to cancer for the rest of their lives.
Granulocyte transfusion has previously been used to try to prevent infections in cancer patients whose immune systems have been weakened by chemotherapy.

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