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Pneumonia can be assisted with by using certain pure essential oils, but it must be seen as an alternative and complementary therapy for pneumonia, and not to replace any medical treatment or medication.
Essential oils can be used as an alternative treatment for a variety of problems - and if looking for a specific problem area please use our search page to find relevant information. Pneumonia is caused by bacteria or a virus, which enters the lungs via the upper respiratory tract. In 2011, ONE members successfully helped convince President Obama to give $450 million dollars to the GAVI Alliance to save 4 million children’s lives from diarrhea and pneumonia. Global prioritization can only make a difference if it spurs complementary urgency among national governments where diarrhea and pneumonia still claim far too many lives.
Through integration, the GAPPD pairs prevention with treatment, pneumonia with diarrhea, and applies several proven interventions like ORS and zinc to pursue the greatest possible impact for children worldwide. Clinical workers from Cambodia to Kenya know well that neither diarrhea nor pneumonia occurs in a vacuum.
PATH is working to integrate our work related to diarrhea and pneumonia across a range of countries and platforms to contribute to this critical global health priority, aligned with the GAPPD framework. We will, for example, be building on our work in Cambodia, where about 9,100 children under the age of five die from pneumonia every year, and 2,300 die from diarrhea; integration is already at work.

In addition to our commitment to working at country level to ensure access to life-saving diarrhea and pneumonia interventions, we also are helping to turn the action plan into health impact.
This natural antibiotic is most appreciated for its selectivity in killing bad germs without harming the good bacteria (gut flora) [5]. These seeds can provide much-needed relief from phlegm induced by chronic cough, a major symptom associated with pneumonia. Though it is intrinsically at the heart of what we and our partners do in addressing myriad global health challenges through thoughtful, efficient strategies, today integration is particularly at the fore.
Beyond integration across the two diseases, the GAPPD is an opportunity to meld global and local agendas, giving national governments a comprehensive tool to determine the specific plans, investments and partners needed to address the unique needs of their countries and achieve the greatest health impact for their citizens.
Since 2005, PATH has helped Cambodian officials implement clinical and community interventions that integrate diarrhea and pneumonia control, particularly in rural communities where child deaths are highest.
For example, PATH and World Vision International developed an advocacy toolkit for in-country NGOs and CSOs.
Garlic is also a known herbal rubefacient and anti-irritant which can help relieve chest pain associated with pneumonia [6].
Ginger is also believed to provide relief from spasmodic breathing, which is common in pneumonia [7, 9].

For the very first time, there is a global plan to simultaneously take on the two diseases killing more than 2 million young children each year: pneumonia and diarrhea. By the same token, the good news is that many of the solutions needed to fight pneumonia and diarrhea are complementary. GAPPD messages, advocacy actions and template materials (press release, brief, letter) can be tailored for each country context. The high content of curcumin and volatile oils present in this herb is also observed to have antiseptic and anti-oxidative properties and can thus help in relieving the inflammation associated with pneumonia [3,4]. Honey can help combat the further spread of bacterial pneumonia as well as assist in alleviating the symptoms.
The GAPPD provides a framework to protect children, prevent disease, and treat those who do become sick using proven interventions that we know work against both diarrhea and pneumonia, like vaccines, proper nutrition, safe water, sanitation, and integrated case management. During a one-year demonstration project, village health volunteers trained through the project hosted more than 450 mother classes, reaching more than 11,000 pregnant women and caregivers with lifesaving messages on pneumonia and diarrhea prevention and treatment.

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