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Complementary therapy for depression, how to relieve herpes simplex outbreak - Try Out

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Postnatal depression (PND) affects up to 15% of new mothers and can come on any time within the baby’s first year. Art therapy is a way to express difficult thoughts, memories and emotions without having to use words. The Working Parent is an advice portal full of useful tips, resources and links to make life that little bit easier for working parents. As well as our resident bloggers you’ll also find a community of fellow Working Parents to talk to in our forums and share ideas, tips and advice… or you can just have a good old moan! The aim of complementary therapies is to provide a relaxing beneficial treatment which can be adapted for your individual needs.
Complementary therapy can ease physical, psychological and emotional symptoms which include fatigue, insomnia, pain and discomfort, anxiety, fear, anger, denial, frustration, low mood and depression. The Complementary Therapists always discuss the different therapies available and will advise patients as to which therapy is the most appropriate for their particular situation.

Our volunteer Complementary Therapists provide hands-on Complementary Therapies to Hospice patients with life limiting illness, for the primary purpose of physical and psychological well-being.
Approved therapies include Aromatherapy massage, Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Reiki and hypnotherapy. Suitable volunteers will have recognised qualification(s) and experience in the approved therapies, membership of an appropriate professional body, full insurance and a desire to learn especially about palliative care. For further information or to receive an enrolment pack please contact the Hospice or download a volunteer application form.
Over the past 10 years the popularity of combining conventional medicine with complementary therapies has soared in the UK.
Depression is an extremely varied condition - in my work with sufferers the reasons for their depression can vary hugely, some of the typical causes including stress, lack of sleep, bereavement, and disturbing events such as loss of a job. Brightstone Clinic - a not for profit organisation operating from The Hope Street Centre premises, offering low cost counselling.

It is often easier said than done, but be open with your partner, your friends and family about how you are feeling and accept any offers of help, be it someone offering to cook for you or an hour’s babysitting while you soak in the bath. While plant extracts may be the answer for many women, it is wise to check with a pharmacist or GP that a complementary remedy won’t interfere with any other medication you are taking before heading down to your local Holland & Barrett.
She writes for National Mind and The Working Parent and facilitates training in the Work that Reconnects and Ecotherapy.
Just as PND isn’t the same for everyone, people respond differently to treatments and what might work for one person may be of little help to another.
If you can’t face doing anything more strenuous or don’t feel up to mixing with new people, then go for a brisk walk with your baby and enjoy a cuppa in peace when you get home with a baby who has probably been lulled off to sleep by the movement of the pram.

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