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The CHCO Adolescent Medicine Center has ten faculty members: seven physicians, two mid-level providers, and a research assistant.
The Denver Department of Health and Hospitals has two full-time adolescent medicine faculty members. The Denver School-Based Clinics: The adolescent medicine program established student health care centers at eight middle and high schools as part of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's School-Based Adolescent Health Care Program. Formal Course Work: Fellows may enroll in formal courses offered by the Colorado School of Public Health. Fellows will have multiple opportunities to learn how adolescent medicine programs operate. Join a global community of passionate practitioners, teachers and advocates to embody excellence in the field of Natural Medicine.

Steve Ackerman, owner of Organic Alternatives a medical marijuana dispensary in Fort Collins, Colo., check in a patient on Friday, Feb. Rebecca Jones writes for Education News Colorado and Katie Kerwin McCrimmon writes for Solutions.
These school-based clinics offer opportunities to learn about health care in an alternative setting, to learn program administrative skills and to learn how to provide effective health education. Each fellow's research activities will be guided by an advisory committee of three faculty members (at least one must be from the Section of Adolescent Medicine) who share the fellow's research interests. You may find links to each of them on the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges website.
Fort Collins is the college town that banned marijuana dispensaries, while Colorado Springs is the conservative city that has kept them alive.

The goal of the fellowship is to provide physicians who are board eligible in pediatrics, internal medicine, or family medicine with in-depth training in adolescent medicine that will prepare them for a career in clinical or academic medicine. The Colorado School of Public Health Master of Public Health (MPH) provides a broad, multidisciplinary focus on the factors that influence population health - from behavioral risk to environmental exposures, to socioeconomic and health policy. On a state level, fellows will be invited to attend meetings of the Advisory Council on Adolescent Health, which is an interdisciplinary group commissioned by the Colorado Department of Health to provide counsel about and advocacy for Colorado's adolescents.

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