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Chlamydia symptoms in women, alternative medicine therapy - PDF Review

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A bacterial infection caused by chlamydia trachomatis, this infection is categorized under STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). The risk associated with the infection occurring in the to-be-born child is almost 40% and hence it becomes important for mothers to go for a chlamydia detection test before childbirth so as to rule out the possibility of an infection or take treatment measures if required. Though chlamydia infections are mostly asymptomatic with the symptoms showing up in only 30% of the women infected, this condition may present the following signs. Also commonly noted as painful intercourse, dyspareunia has many causes, with chlamydia infection being one of them.
Many women experience a burning sensation and urgency of micturation post a chlamydia infection.

Abnormal, pale yellow discharge from the vagina during or after intercourse may be a sign of chlamydia infection. Abdominal pain following a chlamydia infection is the most commonly observed symptom among those who develop the infection. Inflammatory condition of the pelvis, occurring due to many reasons, may also be caused due to untreated chlamydia infections that travel to the cervix and lead to inflammation there.
Studies have shown that almost 40% pregnant women, who left the chlamydia infection untreated, developed pelvic inflammatory disease during their pregnancy.
Other tetracyclines, quinolones, erythromycin are the common antibiotics to be used for a chlamydia infection.

Screening for a chlamydia infection during pregnancy to avoid the risk of passing it to your baby. There is also a risk of the baby developing pneumonia and conjunctivitis while coming in contact with the chlamydia bacteria while passing through the infected birth canal.
Erythromycin and Azithromycin are safe medications that can be used to treat chlamydia infections in pregnant women.

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