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A worker prepares traditional Chinese herbal medicines at Beijing's Capital Medical University Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital May 25, 2011. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an umbrella term for the many different modalities used in Chinese Medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest continuous medical systems on earth, with instances dating back more than 4000 years. In conclusion, Chinese medicine holds the body and its capacity for healing in great reverence. To prove and improve the efficiency of these medicines, Chinese government is spending huge amount of money to conduct further research. The Chinese traditional medicine practitioners use variety of Chinese herbs to treat diseases.
According to recent finding, these medicines are performing well to treat disease like leukemia from which many people suffer every year. Another traditional Chinese ingredient named “artemisinin” finds an effective way to treat malaria. Apart from herbal formulations, other types of alternative medicines are available to treat chronic diseases.

The Chinese traditional medicines are sources to formulation of new drugs, a news report confirmed recently.
The traditional Chinese medicines help in circulating energy along with building internal power in the body. The therapies of Chinese traditional medicine are not confined to China only, but its importance is rapidly spreading all across the world. This entry was posted in Blog and tagged Chi Kung Liqueur, chinese traditional medicine, Golden Lotus Liqueur. Traditional Chinese medicine often contains a number of animal and plant components that are meant to act synergistically to treat a particular ailment. According to Chinese news reports, the industry is expected to grow at 12 percent a year to 2015, when it will be worth more than 550 billion yuan ($88.3 billion).
The government has introduced a series of policies to uplift the improvement and intensifying the education and promotion of traditional medicines. The medicines use mixture of different parts of plants like leaves, roots, stems, flowers and seeds.
Another study confirmed that a traditional medicinal plant called thunder god vine has anti-cancer properties.

These medicines are also combined in formulas to administer as capsules, teas, liquid extracts, powders and granules. It also cleans and supports kidney function, which is a source of reproductive energy in oriental medicine. It is especially important to have an accurate diagnosis when treating a headache, since the wrong treatment can actually make the condition worse.Traditional Chinese Medicine Image GalleryTreating Headaches Caused by External Influences with Traditional Chinese MedicineWhen a headache is caused by an external pernicious influence, it can occur suddenly, often along with other symptoms of wind. If any nasal or sinus congestion accompanies the headache, it is a good idea to take Bi Yan Pian also.Treating Headaches Caused by Internal Influences with Traditional Chinese MedicineA common internal cause of headache is liver yang rising up to the head, which may occur when a person experiences anger or frustration, or it can be a result of long-term deficiency of liver yin. Also, Tang Kwei Gin or Shou Wu Chih are effective blood tonics in a convenient, good-tasting liquid form.Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment Planning for HeadachesIn all types of headaches, acupuncture is a powerful tool, frequently relieving the pain within minutes.
She is a member of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, the American Herb Association, and the Oregon Acupuncture Association.

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