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At NYCTCM, we dedicate ourselves to prepare compassionate practitioners who are solidly grounded in Traditional Chinese Medicine, who are able to integrate this tradition into the contemporary Western healthcare system, and who have a spirit of innovation that enables them to adapt a 5000-year-old medicine to 21st-century needs. Han University of Traditional Medicine (formerly the Asian Institute of Medical Studies) is an ACAOM-accredited school of Traditional Chinese Medicine teaching Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine, Japanese acupuncture, Five Element acupuncture, medical Qigong; and offering an extensive clinic internship. As you consider attending AFEA or are already a student, think of herbal medicine as another tool in which to treat the whole person, or another lens through which to see the whole person and help them find their balance and health in life. AOMA is a leader in acupuncture and Chinese medical education, healthcare, and policy-making. The rigorous and comprehensive curriculum and focus on integrative healthcare sets AOMA apart from other schools of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

At AOMA, the study of integrative medicine draws on the 2,000-year history of Chinese medicine which views the mind, body, and spirit as a single interrelated system. Designed to provide an introduction to the fundamentals of Chinese medicine, this series enables students to gain a more in-depth understanding of the basic concepts, theories, and methods that underlie the practices of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine while not enrolled in the graduate degree program. The herbs-only track is for students who have already completed a degree at an ACAOM accredited school of acupuncture and Oriental medicine, but need additional instruction in Chinese herbal medicine to complete requirements for state licensure and the NCCAOM board exam in Chinese herbal medicine.
As acupuncture becomes more and more integrated with western medicine, there is a shortage of complementary and alternative medicine practitioners. AOMA was the first stand-alone, single-purpose school of Chinese medicine to achieve regional accreditation.

The Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program provides a foundation for students' development into compassionate, effective practitioners who embody the spirit of this ancient and integrative medical practice.
With our authentic style of teaching, NYCTCM will prepare you to be a successful acupuncture and oriental medicine practitioner in the modern U.S. Each of the core components within AOMA's rigorous and comprehensive curriculum promotes mastery of an essential element of Chinese medicine.

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