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In London's Chinatown, a poster in Chinese urges customers to stock up on traditional and other patent Chinese medicines before an impending ban on patented TCM products from next year.
Traditional Chinese medicine, which has evolved over 4,000 years, relies largely on patented and herbal medications to prevent and help the human body fight ailments, and treatments to relieve pain and restore balance in the body. According to the proposal the MHRA floated on July 9, the sale of all unlicensed manufactured herbal medicinal products will be halted in the UK from next year.
The directive also introduced the so-called simplified registration procedure with a seven-year transition period for traditional herbal medicinal products to be licensed, including Chinese and Indian traditional medicines. Typically a TCM business consists of three parts, acupuncture and associated treatments, herbal medicines and industrially manufactured herbal products.
Chinese drug makers and importers did not preserve the customs papers from a decade ago, and are thus unable to prove the 15-year use record in European markets.
Various government and public research institutes have frequently encouraged TCM companies and clinics to register by creating expert teams, holding national meetings and publishing EU registration handbooks, according to sources from the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines and Health Products. Almendra Mcbride, a British patient who started taking acupuncture and Chinese medicines on the advice of a friend about 30 years ago, says both are effective, although the capsules take longer to produce the desired results.

Acupuncture is originated in ancient East Asia approximately 2,500 years ago and is a key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
However, there is a lull in demand for various Chinese herbal and patent medications because customers seem to be wary of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency's forthcoming decision. Just as traditional Chinese medicine makes waves in the UK and the rest of Europe with alternative therapies such as acupuncture and massage, it finds itself being denied market access for medications. The MHRA is a British government agency that is responsible for ensuring that medicines and medical devices used in the UK are safe. TCM was enjoying a surge of popularity in the UK and there were more than 2,000 clinics," says Man Fong Mei, chairman of the Chinese Medical Council UK and president of London-based Mei's Group, which operates a series of herbal clinics and TCM shops across the UK. However, those doubts were redressed after the European Union implemented the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive in 2004," he says. When qi is blocked, for example, the flow can be restored by using acupuncture to stimulate specific meridian points.A consultation with a TCM practitioner may feel similar to a visit with an Western doctor, but it’s different in theory, says Jill Blakeaway, licensed acupuncturist, board certified herbalist, and former professor of traditional Asian medicine. But TCM practitioners will be in a fix, Mei says, because they can no longer prescribe time-trusted Chinese medications.

The course of treatment is likely to be a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, in the form of granules, tinctures, pills or whole herbs brewed as tea to bring the body back into balance.For chronic treatments, Blakeway estimates that one month of TCM treatment is needed for every year of past suffering with the condition. Other studies involve herbs prescribed in TCM, like the Chinese herb berberine, which was found to treat diabetes and obesity in a 2006 study.TCM herbal therapy in general was found to be a beneficial treatment for asthma in a 2009 study that also suggested its potential to be an effective treatment for food allergies. Complement to Western Medicine: “TCM goes very well with Western medicine because it is good at the very things that Western medicine is not good at,” says Blakeway. While Western medicine is diagnostically precise and adept at treating fast-changing conditions, TCM works well on chronic symptoms.Many TCM practitioners are experienced at prescribing Chinese herbs and treatments that complement Western medicine. Chinese tradition says that yin is necessary for hydrated, well-nourished skin and hair, bright shiny eyes and strong nails.
And qi and blood circulation promote a healthy complexion and nourish the skin tissue, explains Blakeway.“Chinese medicine sees beauty as a reflection of the state of someone’s whole body,” she says.

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