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The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics is incorporated in the State of New Mexico as a nonprofit corporation.
During his China trip, Silber also received an honorary degree and full professor faculty position at the prestigious Sun Yat-sen University Medical School. Click to enlarge picture Looking at a patient's tongue is often used in Eastern Medicine as a diagnostic tool to get a picture of the internal state of the body. Diseases, pathogens, and syndromes have slightly different names in the Chinese Medical tradition.
I'm happy to announce that I have decided to continue my education to pursue my certificate in Chinese Herbal medicine.

Each summer for the last 4 years, Fox Chapel High School has hosted the STEMM Academy (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Medicine). In Chinese Medicine, there are terms used such as heat, cold, dry, damp, excess, and deficient that describe different symptomatic patterns that affect the body. For instance, inflammatory type conditions are referred to as heat conditions in Chinese Medicine. The school where I studied acupuncture, AFEA, recently created a new, all intensive based herbal studies program for licensed acupuncturists.
Of course anything works better with a positive outlook, but a belief in the medicine isn't required for good results.

Any hot, inflamed, swollen, red, burning, feverish, rapid type of condition falls under the diagnosis of Heat in Chinese medicine.

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