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A Vice special report “Killing Cancer” stated scientists may be “on the verge of curing cancer.” Cancer experts aren’t quite as optimistic. Cancer experts are raising a caution flag about an HBO program that profiled new cancer treatments and declared scientists may finally be on the verge of curing the deadly disease.
The intent is to have the viruses stimulate a patient’s immune system so that it attacks cancer cells and leaves the rest of their body alone. Near the end, he expresses a similar sentiment after the segment on Emily Whitehead, the young girl in Pennsylvania who has now been cancer free for more than two years. June has used the T-cell therapy on 39 children and 90 percent are in complete remission from their cancer. Phelps, who oversees the Preclinical and Translational Cancer Research program in the Extramural Grants department of the American Cancer Society, said some of the diseases in the Vice report were “liquid cancers” such as leukemia.
Those are easier to treat than more “physical cancers” such as lung, breast, or colon cancer. We’ve seen cures of individuals, but it remains to be seen if we are actually curing cancer.
Nonetheless, Phelps said if all goes well, the treatments on the Vice program could be widely used in three years or so.
Earlier this year, 15-year-old Jack Andraka entered the prestigious Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, submitting an invention that he hoped would help diagnose cancer.

Jack Andraka: I first got interested in pancreatic cancer when my close family friend died because of it.
Smith goes to Minnesota to talk to Stacy Erholtz, a woman whose multiple myeloma is currently in remission thanks to the experimental trial that sent the measles virus after her cancer.
The information on trials like this is readily available in newspapers and via other media outlets, but the VICE team does a good job of showcasing the most exciting breakthroughs in the fight against cancer.
Killing Cancer – A VICE on HBO Special ReportLaunch - Debrief10a Saturday - Full Episode Killing cancerMy life, like most people's, has been negatively affected by cancer, and the thought of my young children living in an age where this is no longer humanity's No.
27 special report, host Shane Smith and his crew focused on cancer treatments that involve injecting genetically modified viruses into cancer patients.
But he cautioned these are a few dozen cases, not the tens of thousands of patients with more than 300 different types of cancer diagnosed in the United States each year. For anyone who’s been touched by cancer or even just scared of the genetic possibility of it, this prospect is utterly thrilling. I had to watch the show between my fingers for a bit, but I may be more squeamish than the average VICE fan (or HBO viewer).
The special is downright earnest, which is weird coming from VICE, but in this case Smith’s everyman quality makes something that could be wonky into a human story of people working to eradicate a random and cruel disease.
Patients with certain types of bone marrow cancers, for example, can develop 10 distinct genetic mutations.

Anyone whose life has been affected by cancer will understand where he’s coming from immediately — the way that the sword of Damocles descends at the first diagnosis, telling the patient just what will kill them in the future. An optimistic summary of where we are in the fight against cancer and where we’re going with this new research, Killing Cancer shines a little light on a possible future where a cancer diagnosis may never be a death sentence. Lang’s research and the MD Anderson Cancer Center’s current trials, and explore their latest research by doctor, cancer type, and treatment.Drs. You have really high levels of mesothelin if you have pancreatic, ovarian, or lung cancer, which are often fatal, but mesothelin can also be detected in these things called precursor lesions before the cancer is actually maglignant.
Lang and Fueyo thank James and Jamie Broach and the Broach Foundation, along with the Elias Family Fund, for their generous contributions to the basic research supporting the development of Delta-24-RGD.Learn moreOttawa Hospital Research InstituteFor viewers in Canada, the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute offers clinical trials for a range of cancers. Learn more and find out if you or a loved one can sign up on their site.Learn moreEmily Whitehead FoundationEmily Whitehead is alive today because of cancer research.

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