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Based in West Palm Beach, the spa recently became the focus of a high-profile Ontario legal battle over the rights of First Nations parents to treat their cancer-stricken children with unproven alternative remedies.
Earlier this year, a Six Nations family pulled their 11-year-old daughter out of chemotherapy in favour of a non-medical regimen that included a treatment program at Hippocrates costing as much as $18,000. Founded more than 50 years ago, Hippocrates offers a wide menu of alternative health remedies including magnets, lasers, colon hydrotherapy and a strict diet of raw food and wheat grass.

About 90% of children with her leukemia can be cured with appropriate therapy, experts say, but patients who don’t undergo medical treatment are almost certain to die.
Hill refers is local medical and child-welfare personnel, who are seeking to force a local cancer-stricken 11-year-old child to continue with her conventional cancer treatment.

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