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Lately I’ve had my fill of traditional medicine because I’ve been searching for answers and having to deal with the medical profession as a result. Since the late 1970s I’ve chosen to include visits to alternative healing and wellness centers in addition to the traditional medical avenues (and usually in preference over them).
Today Helene works with a couple of medical doctors but she also provides services from two locations, one in Arrowbear and a new wellness center in Calimesa.

The merchants of the center are a friendly bunch and host to many community events, including summer movie nights organized by the Calimesa Cultural and Performing Arts Association.
I first met Helene at an alternative cancer treatment presentation held at the Discovery Center a couple of years ago. The center recently opened in the Crown Village off of Calimesa just off the 10 freeway at Country Line.

She is in Calimesa seeing clients on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then available here on the mountain by appointment.

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