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The Herpes simplex lifecycle, showing how it enters cells and inserts it's DNA to turn them into viral factories. Viruses and mankind have shared an evolutionary history since the dawn of man, evolving, adapting to best infect and protect from one another respectively. When scientists mention the use of this type of pathogen in the treatment of certain conditions, it would be understandable to raise an eyebrow at the claim.
However, scientists from the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HISC), part of the Massachusetts General Hospital, have recently published a report of such a collaboration with these infinitely small organisms in the treatment of brain cancer. The Harvard team were looking at ways of treating brain cancer, and had selected the herpes simplex in preclinical trials thanks to its affinity for entering dividing brain cells.

The researchers used mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) as viral carriers, using the fact that help keep the immune system response to a minimum when delivering the pathogen to its desired site. Using imaging proteins, they were capable of viewing the real time movement of the virus from the gel to the tumours and compared the results to those that were directly injected into the tissue. The results from Shah’s team showed that the herpes stayed in the gel much longer than the free moving virus, keeping the stem cells alive and hence allowing adequate replication time.
Shah went on to mention how their study has helped overcome some of the challenges of current studies whilst providing hope for the effectiveness of this treatment in other types of tumours as well.
Harvard University scientists looked to use this virus in the treatment of brain cancer, showing how they're results improve the data of previously published work and trials.

They have the ability to enter the cells of any life form, inserting its viral DNA into the hosts genetic make-up and transforming the cell into its own personal factory, creating new editions of the pathogen.
Oncolytic virotherapy has been used before in clinical trials within medical sciences thanks to their preference to infect cancer cells, the beauty of this being visible following the breakdown of the infected cancer cell by the stimulation of the host’s own immune system, which releases more viral particles allowing further cancer breakdown.
As a result, the efficacy of the simplex against the remaining cancerous tissue was much higher, meaning the team addressed one of the shortcomings of previous studies, which neglected to track the fate of the virus following injection, explained Shah.

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