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Alternative medicines list, home remedies for herpes simplex 1 - PDF Review

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There are miraculous herbs that cures several diseases, even those diseases that cannot be cured by conventional medicine. Science and alternative medicine are not mutually exclusive sets, even though Ayurveda and Siddha medicine systems are considered as alternative medicine systems, they have a strong scientific basis to their methods. Here is a list of some of the cases where science has proved certain alternative treatment useless or counter productive. This blog series, and all of the resources listed in each post will help you tackle whatever comes your way.
Long before the Western medicine was born, there was a body of knowledge and practices that people have been using to heal ailments and provide relief to pains.
Alternative medicine is the term used to define or refer to any healing practice other than the customary practices and approaches used in Western medicine. Certain practices are regarded as complementary alternative medicine (CAM) if, despite involving nontraditional approaches, it can harmoniously work with Western medicinal practices.
The modern age that is going back to basic and everything natural and organic is now embracing alternative medicine. Holistic alternative medicine is broadly encompassing that includes natural, alternative, complementary and integrative medicine. The rise in the interest regarding complementary alternative medicine (CAM) by the closing of the twentieth century and its continuous rampage to this day underscores man’s renewed belief in everything natural. In pursuit of the genuine goals of holistic alternative medicine, practitioners must teach their patients to take charge of their healing as they focus on preventive medicine. With the renewed interest in alternative medicine, more and more health professionals are pursuing additional trainings to include alternative medicine.
The approaches used on alternative healing are broad and varied which makes it hard to define. As complementary, integrative or holistic alternative medicine becomes more accepted, the distinctions between it and Western medicine will get clearer. Western medicine that is ironically referred to as traditional medicine is based on the use of synthetic chemicals.
Natural alternative medicine is a broad term that includes all branches of medicine except allopathic or traditional medicine commonly known as Western medicine. Such evidences are hard to discredit which explains why about 40 percent of Americans subscribe to one or a combination of alternative medicine practices. The advantage of having licensed medical doctors practicing CAM is that they are in a better position to assess the needs of their patients to prescribe the best possible alternative medicine treatments appropriate for them.
The years when these alternative medicine treatments were relied on by early humans provide a solid foundation to their authenticity that is hard to knock down.

For a while, the alternative medicine practices have been eclipsed by Western medicine to the effect that the latter has been acknowledged as the traditional medicine rather than the former.
Chiropractics, hypnosis and guided imagery are alternative medicine therapies that promise amazing benefits especially when combined with established traditional medical protocols. However of late there are several fake medicines and methods are passed on to innocent patients in the name of alternative medicine. However we should be wary of those who misuse this belief to pass on fake and dangerous information as alternative medicine. Acupuncture, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, naturopathic medicine, yoga and herbal medicine are just some of these.
Interestingly, it is the Western medicine that is referred to as traditional or conventional medicine when it is the various forms of healing under the umbrella of alternative medicine that came first.
In a strict sense, alternative medicine means using only nontraditional methods without being combined with Western or traditional medicine. The fundamental value of alternative medicine is not merely confined on the treatment of the symptoms which is what Western medicine aims for.
In the first place, most modalities of alternative medicine have a track record involving thousands of years from man’s early cultures. Notice how schools are offering alternative medicine courses as part of medical curriculum or as standalone courses. In response to this growing demand, school curricula are being enriched to expand trainings to include holistic alternative medicine. Alternative Medical systems are based on complete systems of theory and practice of holistic medicine and naturopathic medicine. Emergencies are still catered by Western or allopathic medicine but recuperation and healing can be fostered using alternative healthcare. In the natural laws of the universe, reversals or healing must happen with a medicine or solution that nature provides too.
The most popular modalities are acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractics, Ayurveda, reflexology, yoga, homeopathy, hypnotism, massage therapy and herbal medicine.
This is helpful because not every alternative treatment can provide real health benefits or can complement their kind of medical care. Combining these philosophies with Western medicine is a strategic move that best serve this generation. Having seen what Western medicine has to offer and what it can’t led to the resurgence of the alternative medicine therapies along with the motivation of this generation to go back to the basic, natural and organic.
Just think of these options when you want to heal more naturally or when your doctor declares that Western medicine can’t do anything anymore with your medical condition.

Through time and upon medical discoveries that led to the development of medicine based on science (Western medicine), these old practices and knowledge became less popular but were never really gone.
The alternative medicine modalities are vast ranging from Chinese, Indian and Native American medicinal practices to massage therapies and use of crystals. Realistically, the renewed interest is also partly due to the rising costs of treatments and healthcare associated with Western medicine.
To date, among the most favored alternative medicine treatments or modalities have started in the East that is home to some early human cultures such as Acupuncture, meditation and physical strengthening associated with Yoga, Ayurveda, massage and use of herbal medicine.
The early Chinese have made lots of contributions in the field of herbal medicine which are now being validated by modern science.
Some of these are acupressure, yoga, tai chi, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, and meditation which have risen from the early human civilization of the East.
Alternative Medicine community, cannot call a particular herb as a medicine, if science conclusively proves otherwise.
Additional examples of alternative medicine include chiropractic techniques massage, meditation, spiritual healing, Tai Chi and aromatherapy.
It is like a solid wall that stood the trials of time which is why it was never really lost despite waves of breakthroughs in western medicines.
This generation is openly going back to the wisdom of natural healing methods to which our ancestors submitted to for thousands of years which today’s generation has labeled as alternative medicine. This means that alternative care and holistic treatments are utilized to supplement traditional Western medical care. Alternative medicine treatments were never scientifically tested nor proven; rather, claims are anecdotal evidences that were accumulated for eons. The popularity of this approach is evident with the rising number of doctors who are learning and adopting alternative care to be able to best apply the philosophies of CAM. Those who have been very sick who can’t be helped anymore by Western medicine were motivated to go back to what nature and holistic healing can provide.
Alternative medicine is the tool that helps man discover the natural way to bring back the body to its balanced state of wellness.
Hypnosis is now being made a part of holistic healing approach through an integrated health plan that combines Western medicine with several alternative medicine therapies.

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