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As one of the most renowned institutions for the treatment of cancer with alternative cancer treatments, Oasis of Hope strives to provide healing through research, review and analysis of the most recent discoveries in oncology.
Oasis of Hope offers a range of cancer treatment protocols, under the collective name Contreras Metabolic Integrative Therapy (CMIT).
These treatments are intended to work together harmoniously, in a complementary or synergistic fashion, to slow or reverse the spread of cancer while promoting the physical and psychological health of the whole person. In addition, the home care treatment program is intended to act directly on remaining tumor cells to slow their growth, to inhibit new blood vessel formation (angiogenesis) that supports tumor growth, to impede the metastatic process whereby cancer spreads, to support effective immune function.
How these treatments work will be explained below.This article will also discuss why DNA damage does not cause cancer!! Of course not!!Safe and gentle cancer treatments, with 90% cure rates, have existed for decades, but medical doctors rarely use the safe and effective treatments and instead are quite content to use cancer treatments which have less than a 3%, 5-year cure rate (Journal of Oncology, 2004, volume 16, pp.
As a result, the general public cannot believe that someone could have a cure rate that high!!Because of the media almost all cancer patients, when they are diagnosed with cancer, cannot get filled with chemotherapy fast enough. Wow, what a concept, he didn’t love money more than people!!The good news is that many cancer researchers today are following in the footsteps of Dr. They are pushing forward with even newer treatments based on new discoveries.At the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, or ICRF, we are proud to say that we are part of the continuing heritage of Dr. Kelley had a 90% cure rate on newly diagnosed cancer patients, and that we, at the ICRF, and many others, have access to far better materials than what Dr. In fact, after studying human DNA for more than 60 years, scientists have no clue what 97% of human DNA does!!
God).In fact, much of the funding for supporting the theory of evolution comes from the owners of the pharmaceutical industry via a complex maze of shell organizations. Kelley did not use chemotherapy or radiation (which do not target cancer cells), rather he used treatments designed by the ultimate genius who designed human DNA and the DNA of all plants and animals on this planet. It was obvious that the microbes inside the cancer cells were the ones causing the cancer.The cancer microbe was studied in detail in the early 1900s and was found to be highly pleomorphic.

Many years later another microbiologist, Gaston Naessens, counted 16 different sizes and shapes of the cancer microbe. The medical establishment in Canada was so delighted with his discovery that they had him thrown in jail!!You see, if cancer is caused by microbes that are inside the cancer cells, then it is easy to cure cancer; just kill the microbes inside the cancer cells!!
They want cancer to be a mysterious disease that will never be cured!!The size and shape of the microbe is a function of the pH inside the cancer cell. The higher the pH, the smaller the microbe.The higher the pH the more lethargic the cancer microbes become and the cancer spreads more slowly.
Natural medicine practitioners take advantage of this fact and frequently use highly alkaline protocols to slow down the spread of the cancer and in many cases these treatments can cure the cancer.Also, Dr.
Royal Rife, a microbiologist, in the 1930s, also knew that it was microbes which were inside the cancer cells which caused cancer.
Virginia Livingston’s team of cancer researchers discovered why cancer cells have DNA damage.
They discovered that the microbes inside the cancer cells get inside the cell nucleus and their DNA mixes with the DNA of the cell, which changes the DNA of the cancer cells.In fact, the concept that the DNA of a microbe, which gets inside of a human cell nucleus, and thus changes the DNA of the human cell, is at the heart of gene therapy!! This is not some strange theory, it is a concept which is used in modern medicine to treat genetic diseases.My point is that the Livingston team discovered that the DNA damage occurs AFTER the cell is already cancerous!!Dr. Livingston died without any recognition from orthodox medicine for her team’s critical discovery. Instead, orthodox medicine has ignored her team’s discovery and still claims that it is DNA damage that causes cancer!!
A cure for cancer will always be 50 years away according to anyone who is in bed with the pharmaceutical industry, such as the American Cancer Society.By claiming that DNA damage causes cancer, the public believes that cancer will never be cured. They are spending billions of dollars trying to fix this DNA damage instead of trying to safely target and kill the cancer cells using Mother Nature (who already knows how to target and kill cancer cells) or by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells (which reverts the cancer cells into normal cells), which is how Dr. Rife cured cancer!!The second concept I wish to discuss is regarding the nature of cancer cells.

It was discovered in about 1930, and a Nobel Prize was awarded for this discovery, that the defining characteristic of cancer cells is low ATP energy. They become normal cells again (or for the first time in many cases) because with no microbes inside the cell the ATP energy will be restored and the cell will be healthy again!!This discovery has led to several new, highly effective natural cancer treatments, particularly DMSO, MSM and honey protocols. The conflict can occur because one type of cancer treatment is trying to lower ATP energy (to cause the cancer cells to fall apart), and another treatment is trying to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells, which would raise ATP energy because when the microbes are gone, so is the reason ATP energy in cancer cells stays low.For example, do not mix Paw Paw (which causes cancer cells to fall apart by lowering ATP energy) with the High RF Frequency Protocol, which was designed to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells and thus revert the cancer cells into normal cells. Kelley used proteolytic enzymes as part of his treatment.The existence of this protein coating is proof that DNA damage is not the cause of cancer. And there have been a growing number of clever tactics developed to kill these microbes.When you kill all of the microbes inside of a cancer cell, the cancer cell will revert into a normal cell because there is nothing to block the production of ATP energy.
Carrots and purple grapes both contain multiple nutrients that can target and kill cancer cells.
He may be right.Other treatments work by supercharging the immune system and then letting the immune system deal with the cancer. He designed a cancer treatment that removed all microbes from the bloodstream and found out that by doing this the immune system was supercharged and the immune system could get rid of the cancer cells!!The problem with building the immune system is that it is a slow process. Many cancer patients today who seek out natural cancer treatments have been sent home to die and do not have the time left to live to have their immune system rebuilt after it had been damaged by chemotherapy. That is what the experts work on accomplishing.This is just an introduction to modern natural medicine treatments. My quest for truth has given me new perspectives which lead to well springs of information that continue to inspire awe and wonder at the world we live in. For the interest of the community and a healthy conversation, please refrain from posting attacks and offensive content.

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