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Alternative medicine what types exist, cold sores treatment - Reviews

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Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is becoming increasingly popular in Europe with up to 65% of the population reporting that they have used this form of medicine. The most commonly used CAM therapies in Europe that are practised by medical doctors are acupuncture, homeopathy, phytotherapy, anthroposophic medicine, naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, osteopathy and chiropractic.
There are three main models used to regulate the practice of medicine, namely direct government-administered regulation, government-sanctioned self-regulation and independent self-regulation [1]. In 18 of 29 EU and EEA countries specific CAM therapies are statutorily regulated although wide variations exist throughout Europe regarding the types of CAM that are regulated.

This implies that the national medical associations decide to what extent the use of CAM by authorised health professionals can be designated as “responsible professional conduct”. However, CAM therapies usually do not have the same regulatory status as conventional medicine. This implies that the government, through the appropriate authorities, decides to what extent the use of CAM by regulated health professionals can be designated as “responsible professional conduct”.
They exist largely outside the institutions where conventional health care is taught and provided and in some countries the medical associations have even enforced strict regulations that thwart the practice of CAM by medical doctors, eg in Sweden and Slovenia.

The original table from “Concerted Action for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Assessment in the Cancer Field” has been adapted and supplemented.

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