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Alternative and complementary medicine therapies are becoming more popular with the public.
Given the popularity of the growing field of alternative medicine, we would like to share with you some of the most intriguing alternative medicine websites.
For close to twenty years, Solstice Medicine Company has married the East with the West, providing the best Chinese remedies to the American market. We find this to be a very attractive and easy to browse website, full of great feature stories on how to integrate alternative therapies into your busy lifestyle.
This is a really exciting holistic health and alternative medicine website that we spent a lot of time on. We like to be able to go to one website homepage and learn what the latest news is in alternative medicine. This is another highly attractive alt med website with a great abundance of useful feature articles.
This is a very useful portal on alternative medicines, holistic practitioners, holistic health books, health and wellness products, and even alt med schools.It works for us because it has so many products and firms in alternative medicine all in one website.

We had not seen a site before that has such an extensive listing of alternative medicine schools, either. There also is a highly useful Health Calendar that connects you to upcoming events in your area on health, wellness and alternative therapies. There is a ton of medical information online but it’s harder to find reliable natural health information – you know, stuff about alternative therapies and complementary medicine from people who are credible and qualified. We completely re-designed the website with the intention to evoke a senses of trust and better future in the visitors of the website in our minds. The web design implements the idea of synergy of Eastern Medicine and contemporary knowledge and research from the West. The concept of K&K Global's website design is a representation of the corporate image of the company, the reliability of the services and also to provide the prospects and the clients with useful tools so they would have a reason to visit to the website more than once.
Massage Therapy Chicago website targets local comunity of Chicago and the main goal is to inform this comunity about the benefits of massage therapy, massage types and why the therapists of the alternative medicine practise are able to deliver the service at highest quality. On the homepage of this section of ScienceDaily, we learn about how cardiologists are looking at alternatives to stop high blood pressure.

This is a great way to get connected with alternative medicine and learn how it can help your life.
In fact, 70-90% of medical doctors consider many types of alternative medicine to be legitimate medical practices. And in 64% of US medical schools, some sort of alternative therapy is taught, such as herbal therapies, chiropractic, acupuncture, and homeopathy.
We also really like the extensive practitioner section where you can find qualified alternative medicine professionals near you.

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