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Dennis Godby, a naturopathic doctor, stands before a selection of herbal remedies and vitamin supplements in his midtown Sacramento office.
The Sacramento Bee's team of health reporters covers California health care, medicine and healthy living, with an emphasis on public health and under-served communities. Instead, he offers herbal remedies for allergies, fungal problems, fatigue and other ailments.“The demand definitely has grown,” said Godby, who sees 40 or more patients each week at his midtown Sacramento office.

Marty Block, D-San DiegoFor Godby, a naturopathic doctor who has been practicing in Sacramento for the past decade, the approach is about managing overall health rather than just confronting disease. The current bill would alleviate that inconvenient situation, Godby said, particularly in rural areas with few practicing doctors.550 Number of licensed naturopathic doctors in California55 Number of naturopathic doctors in SacramentoJill Bernard, a Sacramento resident who runs a local holistic directory called WellBEing Resource, said she goes to both naturopathic doctors and medical doctors, depending on her health needs.

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