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Alternative medicine for breast cancer patients, lips herpes home remedies - Reviews

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Breast cancer patients who use alternative methods to recover from chemotherapy or surgery are more often depressed than those who do not receive alternative treatment. More than 3,000 study participantsPedersen and her colleagues reached their results by asking 3,233 Danish women who had received treatment for breast cancer to answer a variety of questions about their well-being.The women answered the first questionnaire three months after their last cancer treatment, and a second round came 12 months later. The depression worsened over timeThe study, published in the journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, found that:We’re very surprised at the results.

This inventory is used by researchers and doctors to assess whether a patient suffers from a depression.
A new study shows that this tendency is higher in women who use alternative medicine, herbal remedies and dietary supplements to get better.
It contains a long serious of questions about the patient’s psychological well-being.

Cancer patients are therefore advised not to use the plant to treat depressive symptoms.Pedersen suggests that other forms of dietary supplements and natural remedies may also affect the mind negatively if a person has been in cancer treatment.

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