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Alternative medicine drug interactions, herpes hsv 1 and hsv 2 differences - Reviews

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The simple fact that herbal medicines are drugs is underappreciated or not understood at all by most people. While the vast majority of herbal medicines are not as dramatically lethal as Botulinum toxin, virtually all will have some adverse effects. After all, the main reason that there so many chemicals in plants that we can use as medicines is that they are used as defences. First, although figures for complementary medicine show roughly half of Australians taking complementary medicines, these are mostly vitamins (which have their own problems). Until we used modern medical investigation, we were unaware of the harms caused by the herb borage, and the severe kidney toxicity and cancer caused by the Aristolochic acid found in herbs used in traditional medicine.

Herbal medicines are widely trusted but that trust is mostly due to our imagination coupling them with a bucolic vision of nature which never existed. We still only have a very poor idea of the potential harms posed by the panoply of herbal medicines on sale. He is part of a group researching adverse events to and contamination of Complementary Medicines. This series looks at how the evidence behind alternative medicines can be assessed, and the ethics of such links between industry and research institutions. They include good drugs, bad drugs and completely useless drugs, but they are drugs nonetheless, and therein lies a lot of grief.

This means that unlike registered medicines such as paracetamol and statins, the evidence required for approval is much less stringent. People taking the herb have been endangered because their anti-rejection drugs or anti-HIV drugs have been broken down below effective therapeutic levels. A whole range of herbal medicines interact with conventional medicines (dandelion and diuretics is another example).

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