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Alternative medicine doctor salary, herpes cure scams - Review

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Medicare is the scheme through which doctors registered in Australia are enabled to prescribe drugs, order diagnostic tests and refer patients to other doctors as well as to be eligible to have Medicare benefits. Overseas Trained Doctors can’t obtain a Medicare Prescriber number unless they work in an approved District of Workforce Shortage (DWS). A District of Workforce Shortage are areas that have a lower doctor population ratio than the national average.
It takes about 18 years for a doctor to approximately equal the lifetime earnings of a UPS driver working full-time. It takes about 27 years for a doctor to approximately equal the lifetime earnings of a UPS driver working as many hours as I did to become a doctor, then practice medicine.
Doctors do not earn their average salary the first year they begin working as an attending (year 13 in this example).
Because of their schooling, the earning years for doctors are compressed into a shorter period of time, thus increasing their income tax rates relative to UPS drivers. The burnout rate for doctors in some specialties is so high that doctors may quit well before age 65.
UPS drivers typically do not seem to be as wealthy as doctors because, like just about everyone else, they usually begin spending money as soon as they make it. If you are still debating about the financial wisdom of forgoing a doctor's smock for the seemingly plebeian brown UPS uniforms, consider this: Like many other workers, UPS drivers receive a raft of benefits. In the 40,000 hours it takes training to become a licensed doctor, a longshoreman working a comparable number of hours could make about $3 million plus healthcare plus pension worth another fortune—all while doctors are acquiring a mountain of debt without a penny of net income! On December 3, 2013, Chuck Reed, Mayor of San Jose, California, said their yearly cost for a police officer is $200,000, much of which is retirement benefits since their salaries top out around $100,000. If you are still masochistic enough to voluntarily spend what should be the best years of your life with your nose stuck in a book so that you can become a professional, consider a career in dentistry instead of medicine.
So Einstein craves independence, and I, as a doctor, don't care how much I make as long as the pay isn't insultingly low. UPDATE: Medicine just became a much more desirable profession, thanks to the economic crash that devastated our economy in 2008. In order to enjoy this scheme, doctors need a Medicare Prescriber number given by Medicare Australia and serves both to doctors employed in general practice and for private specialist practice. However, I will demonstrate how people in seemingly much less lucrative jobs can outearn doctors.

Since this complicates the analysis, ignore or discount what I wrote about UPS drivers and substitute the equivalent and often much greater income for the occupational alternatives I presented below and in a LinkedIn article: $70,000 per year, start now (that article's title is intentionally understated). This interest often leaves doctors with more than their original debt at the end of their residency years. Some residency programs are shorter, but many are longer (thus keeping doctors relatively impoverished for a longer time).
Translation: Even if the doctor earns the same total amount of money as a UPS driver, the doc's tax rate will be higher, leaving him with less after-tax income.
Many doctors receive nothing but salary (that was the case for almost every job I had as a physician).
NOTE TO THOSE WHO WRITE TO ME COMPLAINING THAT SOME DOCTORS CAN EVENTUALLY EARN MORE THAN UPS DRIVERS: That was just one of the many examples I posted over the years. Since it is much easier to become (and be) a longshoreman than a doctor, I could have compared longshoreman-versus-doctor income instead of UPS driver-versus-doctor income.
Bottom line: the average doctor will never catch up, thus proving my point that if money is your goal, you have better options than medical careers. If she worked as many hours per week as I did to become a doctor, she could earn $572,000 per year. If a crane operator worked as many hours in his lifetime as the average doctor does in training and thereafter, he could easily make well over $400,000 per year.
The education and training are somewhat shorter and less demanding, the stress is less (as an ER doctor, I had thousands of critically ill and injured patients per year, not thousands of cavities per year that needed filling), and the pay is surprisingly lucrative. When a doctor is outearned by UPS drivers, Yellow Roadway drivers, ice road truckers, heavy equipment operators, auto mechanics, tractor mechanics, autoworkers, hot dog vendors, electrologists, part-time basement contractors, part-time tree-removal contractors, personal trainers, life coaches, lawn mowers, ad copywriters, chefs, dentists, crane operators, genital teaching associates, and even strippers … well, that's an insult. One of my former bosses, the most financially astute doctor I've known, said most physicians don't know how to manage money and often make mistakes such as becoming house poor.
Doctors generally make less than what people presume, but high medical bills are no figment of your imagination.
The average physician income is usually quoted as being $160,000 to $200,000 per year, so it may seem preposterous to claim that UPS drivers can earn more than doctors.
In contrast, a would-be doctor requires many years of education for which he is paid nothing. Few young doctors have that kind of money, so they usually must borrow it—further increasing their debt.

If a UPS driver scrimped as I did, he could invest most of his salary, reaping the benefits of many years of compound interest.
If you do the math, you'll quickly realize that an average longshoreman will earn much more than an average doctor, receive better benefits and pension, and do it all by working considerably fewer hours and much less education, responsibility, and stress. According to The Wall Street Journal (January 10, 2005), in 2000 general dentists averaged $166,460, more than internal medicine doctors ($164,100), psychiatrists ($145,700), family practitioners ($144,700), or pediatricians ($137,800).
Some of those folks seem angry at me for bursting their bubble of delusion that becoming a doctor is financially akin to winning the lottery.
Most students who try to become doctors never succeed, thus incurring debt for a career that never materializes. You'll work overtime to make $300K in this job, but all doctors work years of overtime in their training, and often throughout their careers. Furthermore, the incomes of dentists are skyrocketing past inflation, while doctors' pay is stagnating or even falling. So UPS drivers are being paid while those who aspire to become doctors are paying for the privilege of pursuing their dream. Perhaps there are life coaches who truly are worth more than doctors who save people's lives (ahem!), but every person I've met who wanted to be a life coach was a woman with a screwed-up life that could serve only as an example of what not to emulate. Had he worked as many hours per week as I did to become a doctor, he would make $880,000 per year.
After 18 years, the total income would be $1,980,000, easily surpassing the total doctor income. Furthermore, you should consider the attrition rate: Most people who invest time and money trying to become doctors never make it. If she worked as many hours per year as I did to become a doctor, she could make $2.86 MILLION per year!

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