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The Miami Dade College Alternative Breaks (AB) program engages students to become active citizens through direct service, education, and reflection while creating social change in our communities.
The University of Miami Health System’s Pain Management Center is the leading multidisciplinary pain management facility in the Southeast.Florida.
Our pain medicine group’s goal is to provide compassionate, prompt and effective care to patients with chronic pain, especially to patients who may have already been evaluated and treated elsewhere without success. Our evaluation and treatment approaches utilize compassionate and comprehensive, interdisciplinary approaches that include partnering and contribution from specialists in pain medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, oncology, gynecology, pediatrics, and alternative medicine, amongst others. COMMUNITY LEADER: The oldest Baptist church in the city of Miami, The First Baptist Church, has seen its better days. Our center is staffed by physicians from a variety of disciplines, nurses, psychologists, and other health care professionals trained and experienced in pain medicine. In addition, our pain medicine center incorporates the Wellness Center services and staff as part of its comprehensive best practices clinical model. He arrived from the Medical College of Wisconsin, where he was a pain medicine clinician and basic research scientist, running a lab conducting NIH –funded research on the mechanisms of neuropathic pain and neuronal ion-channels.
Levitt is an accomplished world-renown clinician-scientist, treating our nation’s veterans with chronic pain at the Miami VA Medical center and in the near future in other locations, as well. Our pain medicine fellowship program has received a 5 year long accreditation by the ACGME to train the new generation of pain specialists in the art and science of pain medicine.

For some 20 years, longtime civic activist Georgia Ayers has used the building for an alternative program, burning through millions of dollars in grants to renovate the building. Georgia Ayers relates her story of her grandfather and her upbringing in Miami to those present at the ceremony Feb. Jesse Jackson, hugs Georgia Ayers, community activist during his visit to Mary Williams ( not in the picture), the mother of DeCarlos Moore, who was killed by a Miami police officer last week, as he visits the site of the shooting in Overtown Friday, July 10, 2010.
Their experiences range from licensed massage and structural bodywork to Color Therapy, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Auricular Therapy.
His main clinical focus is interventional pain medicine in the context of an interdisciplinary, bio-psycho-social approach.
She founded the Alternative Program, a pre-trial intervention program that also helps with post-release job placement. Ayers co-founded the Alternative Program, which helps first-time offenders stay out of prison, find work and seek education. Ayers founded the Alternatives Program, which helps first-time offenders stay out of prison. Dr Sarantopoulos’ vision to establish the Pain medicine division into an internationally renown center for the management of patients suffering from chronic pain, is shared by Dr. Function within the premises of an academic institution, adherence to the principles of sound, and ethical evidence-based medicine, and the enthusiasm and commitment of the participating physicians and providers are the constituents of success.

She was 86.“Georgia was a champion’s champion,” said Kenneth Kilpatrick, board chairman of the Alternative Program.
She didn’t resign as executive director of The Alternative Program until two weeks before her 86th birthday.
Ayres was one of Miami's most influential civil rights activists who worked tirelessly to guide troubled young people away from the criminal justice system and encouraged them to lead productive lives. 21, 1928, in Miami, Ayers grew up in the Railroad Shop Colored Addition neighborhood — now Allapattah — that was built for black railway workers, like her grandfather who worked for the Florida East Coast Railway.
Bed-ridden, Ayers vowed to Petersen that she would be there for the groundbreaking “even if she had to walk up there from her home near Miami-Dade North.”That was Ayers.
Compassionate and given to a huge heart when you earned her respect.“I came to Miami as a Vista volunteer in 1966 and found myself in Liberty City and Georgia became part of my life,” Petersen said.

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