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These days more and more traditional doctors offer complementary and alternative therapies to patients who believe in a more integrated medical practice.
What is considered alternative differs from country to country, that is why there is no universally applicable definition.
The most widely accepted definition to identify alternative health care is “a broad domain of healing resources other than those intrinsic to the politically dominant health system“. So we are talking about practices and products that are attributed with healing power, but are not accepted by mainstream science as medically proven remedies, or fall beyond the boundaries of conventional medicine.
Natural products and dietary supplements such vitamins, plant extracts, minerals, oils, are commercially available for patients who wish to preserve health or complement medical procedures (e.g.
The final aim of alternative health care is to integrate these practices into mainstream health care to preserve or improve health (e.g. Many alternative healing methods have their origins in the Orient, therefore if we wish to have alternative therapies like acupuncture, meditation or Traditional Chinese Medicine, the most authentic and reliable way is to travel to the source country.

If you would like to know more about alternative medicine and the most common procedures, see some related articles below.
Get exclusive information about Alternative Medicine.Our professional health care representative will contact you. Remember: alternative medicine practices are diverse operations with unique needs and circumstances.
If you're hoping for alternative medicine practices to take the first step, you could be in for a long wait. Given your interest in alternative medicine practice mailing lists, you may also enjoy these articles. In spite of this trend, alternative medicine is not widely available in hospitals, but as a positive sign, they are appearing in the traditional medical curriculum of even prestigious medical schools. As a consequence of its marginal nature alternative medicine does not receive much funding from medical organizations and is not covered by medical insurers.

While hard work is important, marketing to alternative medicine practices and securing a purchase order from them requires strategy -- including the use of current lead lists.
This is especially important for alternative medicine practices given the industry's high turnover rates. Experian is a reputable vendor with a proven track record in producing high converting leads for the B2B sector.Collaborative Uses for Mailing ListsIf you limit the use of alternative medicine practice lead lists to direct mail and cold calling, you're handicapping the return on your investment.
For growth-minded companies, alternative medicine practices lead lists will multiply your industry network in a condensed timeframe.

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