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Cassidy said the PFA will also ensure federal funding for healthcare go directly to patients, in which states could give through per capita patient grants or through a federal tax credit. WASHINGTON -- Predictably, a health care analyst who supports the Affordable Care Act views an alternative plan offered by Sen.
Cassidy said a ruling against the Obama administration would make the law unworkable, by eliminating subsidies in 34, perhaps 37 states, and lead to a search for an alternative.

Bill Cassidy (R-LA) introduced an alternative healthcare coverage plan Tuesday for the 6.4 million people that may lose healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act, if the Supreme Court rules against the government in the King v. Cassidy is a very smart and thoughtful person who has come up with an alternative that insures much more personal freedom, while providing a more efficient of way of insuring that people get health coverage," Troy said.

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