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If you don't want an anesthetic, you can opt for pain-relieving drugs (analgesics) that lessen the pain (or make you care a little less that you have it). If you’re not sure whether traditional medicated childbirth pain relief is for you, you might want to try for a more natural childbirth and rely on complementary and alternative (CAM) techniques that distract you from the pain of labor.
Learn about the many drugs that can help manage your pain, from epidurals and general anesthesia to Demerol and tranquilizers. To reduce the effect, the anesthesiologist will try to put you out very close to your actual delivery, reducing the amount of drugs that get through your system and into the baby.

Because of where the anesthetic is injected, you can still feel and use the muscles in your legs (which is why it’s also called a walking epidural). The doctor might also tilt you to your side or give you oxygen to get more oxygen to your baby, minimizing the drug’s temporary effect. Because it enters your bloodstream, your baby will feel some effects (the intensity will depend on how close to delivery you receive the drug).
Then came the anesthetic revolution, which offered an attractive alternative — go to sleep, wake up with a baby.

Learn more about systemic labor medications.EpiduralAn epidural delivers continuous pain relief to the lower part of your body while allowing you to remain fully conscious. Your practitioner may order a spinal block if you decide you want pain relief late in labor or if you're progressing so rapidly that delivery is likely to be relatively soon and you can't wait for an epidural.

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